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How to keep a car magnet from flying off?

Most people have a common concern when buying car magnets – how to keep them from flying off? So we bring you a few simple tips. All you need do is to keep the following in mind:

Buy magnets with round corners

A circular shape makes a magnet more aerodynamic. That way air doesn’t get into the corners and flick the magnet off while the vehicle is moving. Round surfaces have very little drag. You could go for custom designed magnets that are slightly bigger in size.

Flat Magnetic strip

Install your magnets on the flattest possible surface of your vehicle. Avoid attaching the magnet to an angular or curved surface. The objective is to give the car magnet the largest possible surface area to adhere to.

At times when you order magnets online they are packed in cellophane paper and rolled into shipping tubes. If you simply take it out and stick it on the car there are chances it will not lay flat. That will usually cause the magnet to fly off when the car is in motion. To prevent that from happening you can flatten the magnet on a flat surface, like your refrigerator for example. That way you can get rid of any warpage.

Keep the surface of the magnetic surface dust free

Once you’ve decided on where the magnet is going to be placed, clean that area well! Dust or dirt deposits can cause the magnet to fall off, not to mention it can scratch your paint. So clean the area, and the magnet, well.

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