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Marketing 101 : 4 Things Vinyl decals can do for your small business

Capture Foot Traffic   

custom window vinyl decals

The average person has the thought that window signage is just informational. Nothing more than an oversized business card. But with a little imagination, if you use window lettering and or decals to your advantage, you can do a lot more than that.

With a thought out strategy and marketing plan for your graphics, you can draw interest and intrigue. You can draw the attention of foot traffic and let them know there’s a roaring business inside just ready to do what you do, be it a hip stop for lunch or coffee, a print shop or anything. The way you do this is by capture their attention with your window graphics. That means no boring, business card template. Instead, use your own custom art graphics specifically designed for your business. In the modern era, you need to be current and unafraid to be bold and even colorful.

Establish your Brand              

Window decals

Before you established your business the storefront was dull, boring, decrepit and undifferentiated from the rest of the block. Would you step into a business that had  no  information on their window or was otherwise bland? Window decals are an effective method to BRAND your business with simple graphics. They’re your “man on the street” advertising.

informative door front with vinyl lettering

a business door front with hours and information


The informative use of the Window lettering is classical at its heart, without basic information a customer wouldn’t know what time you’re open or closed if you’re having a special promotion, or even what your social media link is so they can share their experience at your  location. Windows can be an untapped resource in gaining new  customers and clients.


Social media vinyl window decal


Sales boosting

Window graphics give you a focal point through branding. They capture a customers interest, and the customer walks in, out of curiosity. You’ve captured their interest and now they’re in already contemplating “what to buy”, instead of a “will I buy”.  That’s the difference in having sales funnel, it starts once a customer is within sight of your business and ends at the register. Otherwise, your storefront is just another window indistinguishable from the rest.

Make the investment   

Undoubtedly you’ve got questions, maybe you’re curious about investment.  Go to our site for a quote, or DIY and design your own window decals online with our easy to use design tool! Start capturing their attention so they become customers, not just a missed opportunity.

Color Choices

We have a wide selection of colors which can be viewed online. We can also carry specialty types of vinyl such as gold leaf, mirror, metallics, reflective and more(additional charges will apply).

Vinyl Options
Our vinyl is 2.5 mil. thick and has a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years. It is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor applications. (Note: This is only a rating and should not be mistaken for a warranty.)