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3 Benefits of Custom Aluminum Signs

In signage, rugged, lightweight building materials have become the prized possession of marketers, vendors and contracting companies looking to leave their mark on projects large and small. We’re talking about Aluminum Signs of course, the staple in quality signage. It should be no surprise that Aluminum Signs have taken a huge presence in safety signs, informative signage and directional signs. As mentioned, Aluminum Signs combine the principles of rugged yet lightweight building properties that make them best for interior, or exterior applications.

Aluminum Signs are known best for their resilience. Because of the Aluminum alloy, you can expect signs built from this material to avoid rusting and ensure a long lifespan without complications of deterioration brought on by environmental elements. Partly, this is why we see Aluminum as the trusted resource found in aircraft, road vehicles and building materials for buildings such as skyscrapers and industrial buildings. From Aluminum Signs you can expect a hardened surface that should resist most scratching and scuffing, but for the best protection from the elements, including the sun’s constant UV rays which can fade or destroy ink over the course of months or years- we suggest UV Protection. UV Protection typically comes in the form of a thick laminate that coats your signs surface with a transparent, glossy resin that will not only protect your sign from the sun, but also additional scratches and scuffs.

Aluminum is very lightweight. This is important when making your own custom signs as well. This translates very quickly into needing less help in mounting your Aluminum Signs when the size increases significantly. Not only this, but the mounting tools needed to keep the sign stable on your building, against various posts or hanging from a ceiling will be significantly less than a much heavier alternative. Typically, for Aluminum signs, you can get away with simple mounting brackets or even small chains if hanging. This is what we would call a firm cost sign, that’s to say- the signage costs aren’t hidden in additional materials needed to enjoy your sign.
Perhaps one of the best qualities of Aluminum is the ease it has on your wallet. While other building materials may be harder, tougher and sturdier, you’re unlikely to purchase a sign that retains this level of strength, with this low of a price point for your business or home. We can thank the mass production of Aluminum across the planet for the low costs signage, which companies can pass on to the customer!

When you decide to design a sign, consider a Custom Aluminum Sign for your next signage project. Not only can you expect the rugged quality that comes from a strong metal alloy, but you can cherish the lightweight properties and ease of installation thanks to the light properties. If the lightweight yet strong properties aren’t enough to convince you, let your wallet do the talking and years of reliable service as a storefront sign, safety sign or home decor today!