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Vinyl Lettering Installation Tips

Installing Vinyl lettering for advertising or personal use in the home is not a complicated task and is made easier by folks like There, you can find detailed videos of just how one goes about applying vinyl lettering and graphics. Vinyl lettering is a much less involved than say, a painted sign for example. Plus, lettering can be installed or removed at will. Good quality lettering, if installed correctly can stay as good as new for many years! Depending on the magnitude of your undertaking, you can either get professional help or simply do it on your own. Either way you must read through instructions on how to handle and apply vinyl lettering. Proper prep and careful application can do the trick!

Tips for installing Vinyl lettering

To begin with, store your lettering and decals in a dry and safe place. Ensure that there is no spraying of liquid or moisture. You need to keep the stuff away from moisture because that can wrinkle the lettering and damage the adhesive or the transfer tape.

Ensure that the surface you plan to stick the lettering on is spotless clean, especially free of dust particles. Try and wipe the surface with a good degreaser or solvent remover. Use a lint free towel to dry the surface.

The temperature should be taken into consideration. If possible, never apply lettering while in the direct sunlight. This can cause the vinyl to become a gooey mess and the lettering can be ruined.

Before installing the vinyl lettering or graphics, measure, measure and measure again! Be certain you are placing the vinyl exactly where it needs to go; making sure it is level and centered.

The tips mentioned above are of course very generic. Your package will come with specific instructions. There are different ways to install lettering. But whatever method you use there are 2 things you have to be careful about. One, keep the surface very clean and second, ensure that vinyl is going exactly where it is intended…centered and level.

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