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How To Apply Window Decals To Your Storefront?

How to Apply Window Decals to Your Storefront?So you’ve taken the time to order decals and lettering for your storefront and they are finally ready to be installed. If you are like me, you take any chance you can to save money. Which means you decided that you would like to save the money and install them yourself. This is great, but if you’ve never done this before it can be a pretty daunting task!

This is where I can help, trust me when I say it won’t be as hard as it seems.

So let’s start from the beginning.

Before you get started, let make sure you have the tools to complete the job. You will need a tape measure, application fluid (this is not required but will make the install a little more forgiving) If you do not have fluid water in a spray bottle will suffice. A water soluble pencil (to mark window and wipe off afterwards). Masking tape, to temporarily tape up the decal and then last but not least a squeegee, which again if you do not have one you could use a old gift card, credit card or something similar.

#1 : Ensure that you have all of the pieces for the store front. They often come it parts, if something is missing it will make the install more difficult.

#2 :Once you know you have everything lay it out to determine what goes where.

#3: Now before you start marking out everything ensure that the glass surface is clean, that there is no dust or debris as this can become trapped under the window decal and show up after the vinyl is installed.

#4 : Select your first piece to go up, and find the area where you want to install your window decal. Using your tape measure and pencil, find center of the area and the center of your piece. Depending on the size of the decal you may need assistance with the next part. Take your piece and align its center with the center of the glass area and temporarily tape to top 2 corners now take a step back and see how your placement looks! If you like it proceed to step #5 if not adjust placement until you are happy with how it looks.

#5: Now that you are happy with the placement, apply a strip of tape across the top of the window vinyl. This is called the hinged method for installing window decals.

#6: Lift the design up and slowly remove the backing, at this point you can choose to spray both the surface and vinyl with application fluid or choose to do a dry installation. For first timers I would recommend application fluid if you are installing a decal over 12”x12”.

#7: Now slowly bring the decal down back into its place squeegeeing along the way, be sure to squeegee from the middle out so you do not have a big bubble in the center when you’re done. Ensure that you squeegee the entire vinyl area.

#8 :If you went with a dry installation, you can remove the masking tape right away. But if you used fluid, I would recommend waiting a couple of hours before trying to remove the tape. Once the tape is removed you have successfully installed your vinyl decal, stand back and admire your work!

This is one of many installation options, for more click here!