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Bright Lights and Sweet Signs

Nashville, Tennessee is one of the most popular and well known cities in America, boasting it’s reputation for famous musicians and music culture in general. Kitty Wells, Hank Williams Jr., The Allman Brothers and Miley Cyrus all call Nashville their birthplace, where Kitty Wells is actually considered the Queen of Country Music.

The list of musicians Nashville has attracted over the years could go on and on for days, but that’s not all it’s attracting.

Tourist from all over the world visit Nashville every year, and the city does a great job of dazzling eyes and luring people in with the channel lettering and illuminated signage that advertise shops, venues and restaurants. It really is an enjoying experience to just walk down the streets and take everything in visually, appreciating the signs for what they are.

The signs on Broadway street tie everything together, and exude a vintage-y music feel, which is exactly how I would describe Nashville.

What do you love about Nashville? What are your favorite cities of the United States, and what about them is so great?