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Fonts are a huge part of the design process when creating anything that has words involved. I personally enjoy a good font, and if allowed, would sit on font sites all day marveling at the creativity and beautiful technique- UH GOOOO.

The type of font you use for your piece of art, business sign or event banner is important and can often effect the success of your communication tool. It’s always really quite¬†embarrassing when I see a business use a font that 1) does not communicate clearly what they are or represent their product well 2) Use a font that is heavily associated with another brand (i.e. the Disney font).

Choosing a font should not be a quick and uniformed decision! Just as you take care into the design of your brand, the colors you use, the way you set up your store; font should be considered just as important.

Check out these fonts I have found below. They are beautiful, classic, rugged, well design, and professional. You can click on the fonts below to check them out in more detail!









What kind of fonts do you like?