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Here at, we care about everyone’s business or project, no matter how big or small. We take pride in providing the best quality signage for a price that makes customer’s smile every time.

Because we appreciate our customers so much and desire for them to succeed, we have decided to do a monthly blog post featuring select customers. We want to share with you their reviews of our products, and how our signage helped their business or venture. Here it goes!

Jolyn Brand, the Owner of Brand College Consulting, ordered our aluminum signs and yard signs, which increased her website traffic, online customers, phone inquiries, brand recognition, revenue and orders. This is what Jolyn told us:

-I’m a college consultant in Houston and trying to get more name recognition among families in my area. The yard signs help because I’m able to target a certain school or subdivision with the signs and postcard mailings.

Chris Pareja is running for Congress this year, and he ordered our yard signs, which increased his name recognition. Here’s what Chris had to say:

-My opponents have outraised me by 10 times, so every dollar I get has to stretch as far as possible. Speedy Signs has helped me get much more exposure than I could have afforded otherwise. Plus, when we ran out of stakes for our signs, some of our volunteers bought some locally. The pieces were more than twice the cost and broke easily. We look forward to using you again for the general election.

Jeffrey Britt, the President of Affordable Blinds and More Inc. ordered our yard signs, which increased website traffic, online customers, phone inquiries, brand recognition, revenue and orders. This is what Jeffrey shared with us:

-Affordable Blinds and More is a local Wilmington, NC based window treatments and blinds company. We do free in-home consultations out of the comfort of our customers homes. When we decided to buy yard signs from, we were struggling for competition of brand recognization in our area. We made two orders for signs and started displaying them in our comunity. Our sales jumped 25% in those few months. Yard signs are now one of our most successful advertisements that we use. The signs were priced just right and we are known for our signs that we use now. They work better than I could have expected.

Co-Owner Makeba Murphey of Party Down 4 Less ordered our banners, bumper stickers, magnetic signs, rear window graphics, sidewalk signs, and yard signs. All of this great signage increased their website traffic, phone inquiries, brand recognition, revenue and orders. Here’s what Makeba had to say:

-We began 4 years ago with 4 bounce houses and a few customers. Now we have a very diverse product line including over 26 bounce houses and waterslides. We began with two employees, my husband and I and we now have 8. The business has grown in part to the variety of marketing materials we have ordered from Thanks!

Susan Miller, the owner and operator of Your Photo Booth Memories, decided to order a banner and some decals. This increased her online customers and brand recognition. This is what Susan told us:

-I started my new business, Your Photo Booth Memories, in June of 2011. As our name implies, I have a photo booth. It measures 5′ x 5′ and 10′ tall. And it’s black! I needed something to make it stand out. The black/burgandy banner and the “PHOTO” & “BOOTH” decals did the trick. The decals are on our tower (camera/laptop) and the banner hangs above the entrance to the booth. What a difference it made. I am so happy with your products and I love your marketing campaign. The products I ordered were delivered really fast. I am truly impressed by and will definitely use them again.

Stefanie Obregozo, Owner of Free Bird Fitness, ordered our decals and window lettering. Our products increased her in-store traffic/customers, brand recognition and revenue. Here’s what Stefanie shared with us:

-I quit my job on the peninsula and moved back to Marin to live my dream of opening my own Holistic Personal Training Studio. The amazing window decals on my store front make my space look even more attractive and clean. made the process easy, and everyone I worked with was very friendly. Thanks for helping to get my business noticed and off the ground!

Solid Construction Works ordered our yard signs, which increased their phone inquiries, brand recognition, revenue and orders. Here’s what they had to say about it:

-Our business is based in the Washington, DC/Metro area. Recently we were looking for a way to promote sales. We looked into advertising with local newspapers and magazines. After a couple of trials, we decided that our prices were not competitive anymore, once we invest heavily on advertising in local media. So we decided to look for cheaper ways to spread the word about our company. Then we came up with the idea of yard signs and banners, and after a couple of orders from we realized that our sales almost doubled for the first quater of the year. Thank you for the great signs!

Mike Smith, a writer for 22nd Century Radio, ordered our magnetic signs. The signs increased their website traffic, online customers and brand recognition. This is what Mike told us: got a HUGE boost from when we tackled an ambitious road trip to promote our show; as hoped the magnetic car signs drew attention immediately…for a last-minute idea like ours, was the perfect solution! We literally watched the traffic increase on each day! Inexpensive, fast, easy to use and a fantastic looking product; comedy, ufology, religion, science, games and prizes – say it all with like we did!

Nothing feels better than seeing our hard work over here at pay off with happy customers! Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!