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Here at Speedy Signs, we are constantly researching and implementing fresh ways to market ourselves, and in turn helping others do the same. Good marketing is a businesses life blood, ESPECIALLY if most or all of your products are offered online. Getting your brand out there and noticed can often feel like your standing on Mars and yelling your name to everyone on earth; no one can hear you! The internet is so huge now that strategic marketing is necessary to bring yourself from the “a dime a dozen” status to the top of the ranking mountain. If you are constantly are trying to up your marketing game, then check out this top 10 list of our favorite marketing blogs. You will find heaps of useful information that will not leave you disappointed. Remember though, you must put these tools into action!


This is a team of people that provide content marketing solutions for WordPress. They write insightful and inspiring blog posts that not only reveal their expertise on the subject but compel you to market better.

Search Engine Journal

A community made up of in-house and independent internet marketers, there is never a lack of new information. With it’s diversity in contributors and readers, you will surely benefit from visiting this site.

Seth Godin’s Blog

Author of 12 bestsellers and the founder of, this is a man/marketing pioneer that you want to keep your eye on.

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct tape Marketing was designed by John Jantsch, a small business marketing expert acknowledged by Forbes and Fast Company Magazine. This site offers simple, yet effective ways to market your small business.

Marketing Pilgrim

Your one stop site for the latest news, rumors, trends and reviews in the internet marketing world.


In the world of internet marketing and search engine opyimization, SEOmoz is a name that’s at the top of virtual food chain. The folks at SEOmoz develop software tools for the SEO and internet marketing industry, and they are darn good at what they do. Contributors to their blog include some of the top names in the industry, various SEOmoz employees, as well as members of the SEOmoz community. This blog is a must-follow for anyone interested in SEO.


Adverblog is made up of some of the most creative people from around the world, bringing you the freshest content in digital media and advertising around the clock.

Convince And Convert

If you desire the straight up facts and even the hard truths about Social Media Marketing, the Convince and Convert blog posts are what you want to take a look at. They offer simple and to the point solutions for your internet marketing needs.


Their subtitle says it all: “Your go to source for ideas and inspiration.”

Dan Zarella

Want to understand the science behind how Social Media works and can propel your business to new heights, but don’t have the smarts or time to whip out the proverbial beakers? Well this guy has already done all of that for you and willingly offers up his findings. It’s quite interesting how social media works, and you should definitely check out his stuff!