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Carry The Flame: The Olympic Torch Relay

Today will begin the journey of the Olympic Torch Relay in London. This torch, and it’s 8,000 runners, will embark on a 70-day tour around the UK to boldly carry on the tradition of the flame. Something I didn’t realize, until stumbling upon in my research, was that the torch relay has not always been a tradition.

The lighting of the torch started in ancient Greece, and was lit by the sun and left burning until the end of the Olmypics. It wasn’t until 1936 that the tradition of the relay began, and was suggested by Carl Diem, who was the chairman of the organizing committee for the Olympics at that time. The lit torch is a symbol of purity and endurance, and the passing of the torch was not only a wonderful idea, but a continual inspiration to people on a world wide scale.

Check out this awesome launch trailer for the BBC Olympic Torch Relay Campaign!


Wanna follow the relay day by day?

Click here to look at the map of the relay, read up on the runner’s, and enjoy details about each town they pass through.

Don’t know much about the Olympics?

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Have an inspired weekend!