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Be Authentic.

Doesn’t sound to difficult right? Well in an ideal world, authenticity and originality would be easy things to achieve.

Engrossed in an article a few minutes ago about a man who was fined and imprisoned for forging vintage horror film posters, I started thinking about how important it is to live our lives with authenticity. What we put out there for all to see is a form of marketing, whether you are intentionally marketing yourself or not. Are you being yourself, or are you copying someone or something else to get people to look at you? Either way, you will get attention. However, it’s the KIND of attention that defines the outcome.

I’m a D.I.Y. and fashion kind of gal. Yesterday, I was perusing through several of the blogs that I have recently started to follow, and it dawned on me that so many of them were not original at all. Fonts were the same, post content had the same theme, and picture after picture of the same kinds of outfits and poses riddled the pages.

Come on! Let’s come up with something fresh! Let me be the first to admit that authenticity and originality are difficult, and that I am no master of it by any means. I have also heard the saying that “there is nothing knew under the sun.” But there are a gazillion people on this planet (well maybe only like 7 billion) all with different minds and thoughts. No two finger prints are exactly the same. Fresh ideas can be born each day if we take the time to come up with them.

Whether you are brainstorming a fun and quirky sign for your new business or coming up with the next trendy thing to tweet about, take a moment and think about who you are being. ‘Cause like I said…

It’s the KIND of attention that defines the outcome.