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Protecting your Outdoor Corrugated Plastic Sign

This article describes a few general techniques for protecting your corrugated plastic sign from Outdoor Elements, Theft, and Vandalism while running a corrugated plastic sign campaign.

While all our sign products are the highest quality signs you can buy, you should be aware that elements such as High Wind, Sun, and Moisture can take a toll on any product.  All of our signs made with vinyl decals are UV protected with a special laminate to ensure that your sign stays looking new for as long as possible.  While the UV protection does a great job, it is still necessary to periodically clean your sign with a household cleaner to remove dirt and grime that can build up and damage your signs.  A weak bleach solution will also remove any mildew spots that may develop.

Our corrugated plastic signs are built to the highest standards and are weather resistant in most conditions.  If your area is subject to flooding we recommend removing the signs if there is the possibility that they will be submerged in water for more then several hours.  If one of your signs does become submerged, carefully wipe the sign clean, being careful not to damage the vinyl lettering.  Because of the lightweight nature of corrugated plastic signs, we also recommend removing any outdoor signage that is not permanently mounted during high wind storms.  This may seem obvious but not always followed.

Due to corrugated plastic signs being a lightweight sign that is easily moved, it is possible that vandalism or theft may occur.  Although there is no definite way to stop this, there are some easy to follow guide lines that can help.

By placing your signs in well lit areas that are easily seen you will find thieves much less likely to risk removing your signs.  You also could ask neighboring businesses to keep an eye out and to report any suspicious activity.  Another more sure way is to remove your corrugated plastic signs at night to a more secure location.  Using these tips will help extend the life and maximize the investment of your corrugated plastic signs.