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What is Camera Ready Artwork?

Camera ready artwork is artwork that helps us create a vector file, often times a vector file is what is required to be able to produce a nice and clean graphic on most of our products, this is even more critical on products that require the graphic to be big, like on a sign or a banner. However it may not be necessary on smaller items like some of our gift items and decals.

To produce camera ready artwork you need to create line art of the image, This can be done by using a pencil on a nice plain sheet of paper that has no lines or marks on it, after drawing out the image you will then need to use a scanner to convert it to a electronic file that you can email to us, here is an example of some camera ready artwork.

Is your artwork camera ready?


Most people do not understand the difference between vector and raster artwork. Here is a brief description and attributes of these files.

Vector – vector art work is an electronic file that is created out of lines that can be manipulated, meaning you can alter the look of the image be moving the lines, removing some of them or adding some. You can also change the colors that fill these lines and resize the image without losing quality of the image.

Rater – Raster images are created by dots (pixels), these dots are very difficult to manipulate and when the image is resized to a larger image, the dots get bigger and they become very noticeable, you end up seeing a very jagged edge instead of a nice clean line on objects, the next problem is a good understanding of higher resolution files, some people have programs that will allow them to resize a raster image and even increase the resolution, so they will think that by resizing and increasing the resolution on the image will fix the problem, this is untrue, what ends up happening is that the program will add dots to the image as best as it can, this will cause the image to loose quality and detail, now it will start looking fuzzy (depending on how much you resize it and increase the resolution).