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Boulevard Banners

If you have an upcoming event and you would like to draw more attention to it, a boulevard banner is a great solution. This type of banner works very well for a business that is located in a business district, historical area or any area that will allow this type of signage. You may need to check with your city officials to see if they will allow you to hang a boulevard banner.

A boulevard banner is a large, wide banner that is typically hung at the entrance of a street or above a business. There are a few things you will need to remember when designing this type of banner to make sure that it will attract the most people.

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Design Tip #1 – Make the text large. A boulevard banner gives you more than enough space to display the name of your event or store. The text that you use should be large enough to easily read from a distance, and from several angles. Your viewers may be walking on the street, or riding in a car, so you will need to test the banner for readability from different angles.

Design Tip #2 – Make it bright. A banner with bright, vibrant colors will attract more attention. If there is a predominant color scheme in buildings or other advertisements in the area, it is a good idea to break with this scheme to make sure that your banner stands out.

For example, if the color of several business buildings in the area is red brick, a red banner may fade into the background. In this case, a yellow or a white background for a banner will contrast nicely with these colors, creating more visual interest.

Design Tip #3 – Don’t forget graphics. Adding a few descriptive graphics to your boulevard banner will help draw the eyes of potential customers. These graphics can be in full color, or line art. It is a good idea to make sure that these graphics stand out well from the background of the banner to ensure that they will be noticed.

Design Tip #4 – Don’t forget dates and times. If your event or sale is to be held at specific times or on a specific day, make sure to include this information on your banner. This is particularly important for a street dance or festival.

If your business is located in a business district, you may be able to hold an event where everyone can take part. This type of event allows business owners to pool their resources and purchase a banner together. If you want to use this type of banner, but are unable to justify the expense for only your company, this is a great way to get in touch with your local business owners and work together.

When you purchase a boulevard banner, make sure that it is made of quality vinyl that will withstand the elements and wind. This type of banner hangs outside and will be subjected to adverse conditions. By purchasing a quality banner, you will be able to use it for many years to come.