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Preparing Your Trade Show Banner

If you are visiting a trade show to promote a new product or your business, banners are an effective way to get your message across visually. You’ll be able to reach not only consumers, but also trade magazines, and members of the press. It is important to design your trade show banner carefully, making sure that it is as eye-catching as possible.

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Here are some important points to remember as you design your new banner.

1. Color is King. The colors you use on your banner are extremely important. They will need to coordinate or compliment one another to create the best impression. When deciding what color to use, first consider what color scheme your business is currently using. It is important to carry this theme, if possible, through to your banner.

If you prefer not to use these colors, or they are particularly suited for this use, there are some guidelines to remember. Red and vibrant colors are frequently used as backgrounds for trade show banners. These colors evoke an emotion of excitement in the viewer and can stand out well in a crowd. Your text should compliment this color, while still making a statement. A red banner with black text may be hard to read, but white or yellow will bounce off the background.

2. Use of Space. When you are laying out your trade show banner, make sure that the elements of your design fit well in their space. Don’t try to crowd too many design elements onto one side or directly in the center. This can create visual confusion. Your design elements consist of your textual message and the graphics you plan to use.

Stick to putting your main message directly in the center and position your supporting elements, such as secondary text or graphics around this message. Graphics work well on banners, particularly if you are advertising a new item. In this case, the graphic for your new product should go in the center and the supporting text should provide it with a frame.

Balance is important when you are adding your elements.

3. Choose Your Words Well. You will only have a limited space on your trade show banner to get your message across. Pick the words you use carefully, drawing on time-honored marketing phrases that are proven to have results. If you can say it with less and retain the importance of your message, you will be able to get your point across more quickly. This is important when you are at a trade show.

The typical attendee at a trade show will be strolling through the different booths. You will need to be able to quickly grab their attention, to ensure that you will receive the most visitors to your booth. When you are dealing with a trade show environment, you may be surrounded by competitors, making your job even more difficult.

Your banner should be your showcase for this event. If you take the extra time to make sure it is designed well, you will have better results.