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WordPress Plugins: The Best of the Best

Finding the right WordPress plugins for your site can be difficult; read this to make finding them easy.

Many people may see all the WordPress plugins available and wonder, which plugins should be on my website? Well, with a little research, all the most important plugins can be found!

First off, plugins are essential to every WordPress website. Plugins can help improve sites from posts, to comments, to images and much more. If the wrong plugins are chosen, it may be a disservice to your company.

The first plugin any website should install is the “All in One Social Network Button”. This way, visitors can share posts and pages with pretty much any social network available on the web. It definitely helps to use this so your content can be viewed by people all over the world, not just from Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Another great plugin websites should install is “WPtouch”, if your websites’ content is supported on mobile devices. WPtouch is great for blogs or shops! And what is even better is that editing code is not required, it is automatically configured for your website.

One of the greatest plugins for WordPress is the “Statpress Visitors” plugin. It gives extremely detailed reports of all visitors, and it is a must for every website! There are over seven ways information can be tracked on visitors from any place in the world.

Well, what if a company wants to add security to comments instead of using the poorly-functional akismet plugin? “WP-reCAPTCHA” is a life saver! It is the leader in anti-spam and will save lots of time from weeding out the poorly-written comments, so your support staff can help other customers besides moderating inappropriate or poorly-written comments. This tool is perfect for any size website, but recommended for large sites.

Finally, there is one more plugin to feature. It’s called “Simple Facebook Connect”. It allows visitors to connect via Facebook with pretty much anything related to WordPress, so that means they can do a lot of different things on your website. Here is a screenshot of what visitors can do:

All of the plugins listed above are the greatest on WordPress. After installing the plugins, doors will open for more visitors, and websites may even get some long-time fans.