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Using Social Media to Promote Your Business Blog

This article gives suggestions on ways website owners and bloggers can use social media to their advantage

Blogs are effective means to reach your customers. They help you to express and establish your thoughts, views and opinions. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a substantial readership for your business blog. But with the emergence and popularity of social networking sites this task has become easier. Creative use of social networking sites like Facebook or Linkedin can ensure constant traffic to your business blog.


Create a profile

In order to promote your business blog through social networks, it is essential to create a relevant profile. The content of the profile should to be capable of attracting the attention of people. It should also prompt them to read your blog. The profile should also convey to your target audience why you are qualified to write and discuss about a particular topic.


Contact your target audience

After having created an attractive and relevant profile, you need to search for your target audience and establish contact with them. With the help of keywords, search for people who are discussing your product. These are the people who are likely to be interested in your blogs. Start interacting with these people. Private messages to your prospective customers is a possible way of establishing personal relationship with them.

It is also possible that there are existing groups, which are related to the product or service you are discussing in your blog. Be a member of such relevant groups and participate in and initiate discussions. It is also a good idea to begin a group if there aren’t any existing groups and invite your target audience to join this group.


Publish articles at regular intervals 

In order to be successful in social media marketing you need to be always active. If you do not constantly update your profile, your readership would gradually die down. Always publish interesting and useful content in your blog and post the links to these articles on the social media. Also, when you publish a new article it is a good idea to initiate discussions on the content of the article. This way you can make sure that your target audience who are members of your social media network group read your latest blog posts.

Also, do not overtly emphasize on self-promotion. It is good to publish other interesting articles so that your readers do not feel that you are interested only in marketing. It is always better to follow 80-20 rule in social media marketing. Limit your self-promotional activities to 20%. This way you may also be able to attract people who may not have much interest in your products and get them read and know about your products.

Social media networks offer great platforms to reach out to people and also popularize your business blog. The interactive aspect of social media also enables you to invite suggestions from your target audience. Such suggestions will help you to sense the needs of your customers and act up on them immediately.