Social Media Marketing Part 3: Equipment

To sum up where we are to date…  We have studied and learned the terms and definitions of those terms.  We have sat down and educated ourselves on the direction we want to head with our campaign.  We have a pretty good idea of what we need to achieve our goal or catch our fish.

We are now going to gather what we need to get this trip rolling.

  • We have researched our target audience so we know where we want to go to catch them.
    • Again this could be multiple locations…
    • We know what we need to use to catch them (Equipment)
    • We should have determined what we want to use for our targets social benefit. (Bait)
    • We should also have a clear vision of what we will use to hook our customer so we can bring them towards our goal. (Hook)
    • We know what we need to do to catch them once we get them to our website or store. (Catch)

With all this knowledge we must now get to work Equipping ourselves for the journey.  We know what we need on a very detailed level.  Now we need to:

  • Gather our equipment
  • Master using our equipment

Again with our fishing trip….  The best boat the best pole and the best bait does not always lead to a fish.  We must learn how to set up that pole.  We need to know how to place the bait on the hook and where to navigate the boat. 

The same rule applies to our marketing journey.

  • You need to set up your twitter account.
  • You need to place your blog and attract readers.
  • You need to create that successful newsletter that will implement every bit of knowledge you have obtained while planning this campaign.
  • You need to research and study the manuals on each one of these pieces of equipment.
  • You need to map out the habits of your target audience so you know where to point these tools.
  • You will gain knowledge from your experiences. Use this knowledge to leverage this equipment to bring in better results.  Keep working and studying these processes and the results of your efforts.
    • I am sure any great fisherman will tell you the learning process never stops.
      • Trial and Error
      • Track Your Results
      • Learn what works and use that experience to your advantage