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Seek Help from a Reputed Company for Manufacturing Vinyl Letters

We’ve all been there before, you convince yourself ‘how hard could it be?’ and your spirit holds strong until the fateful day when it’s time to bring action to words. As you stand in the rain, with a ruined project before you; your investment destroyed before your eyes. You quickly realize, ‘it was harder than you expected.’ Applying Vinyl Letters doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it can be incredibly enjoyable with the right tips and tricks pointing you in the right direction. There’s nothing worse than failing to get the support you need when working on a Vinyl Lettering project for the first time! So why waste your time and money when you could be seeking help from a reputed company for manufacturing vinyl letters?

Truth is, the first time you apply Vinyl will seem daunting- scary even. But it doesn’t have to be, here’s a few tips to get you started on your Vinyl Letters today- but we deeply encourage you to contact a reputed company with experience if you have questions! First, avoid applying vinyl in a windy location. Vinyl is incredibly lightweight and paper thin, this makes it catch the wind and flap around if you’re currently experiencing any deep gusts of wind. Worse yet, wind gusts are carrying dirt, debris and other particles like pollen with it, and none of this will do your vinyl or your application surface any good in the long run. For the best experience, we would suggest taking your surface inside an enclosed area if possible. Or- if that’s impossible, simply waiting for the wind to die down. Your vinyl letters are intended to stay up for years- don’t let one bad installation ruin all that work.

Following up on our tip for installation, allow the vinyl letters to adhere before placing undue stress upon the letters. For instance, when applying letters to a car you’ll want to make sure the letters are dry and secure before driving down the road with them. Once secure you won’t have to worry about your letters going anywhere- least of all due to the wind. But while drying on your surface, they are acceptable to being moved about unintentionally if nudged. If you’re applying your Vinyl dry (without any application fluid) you’re free to expose your vinyl to the elements almost immediately, but in the event of a wet installation- give the letters some time to dry.  In some cases letting the vinyl letters dry may be difficult in itself, for instance if you’re outside and a random rain storm is approaching. In these cases we would suggest something as simple as a plastic sheet, like a painting cover to lay over the letters and protect them from getting even more wet then they already are.

Last but not least, when applying letters that are larger than you’re comfortable with, feel free to get someone to help you align and apply the letters. There’s no shame in first time installations needing a helping hand. As mentioned previously, these vinyl letters are intended to stay on your surface for years to come; so applying them correctly is of utmost importance for a long, healthy vinyl investment on your surface.