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Make Customized Banners to Publicize your new Business

Banners for business’ may not seem like the most groundbreaking announcement- but banners have been apart of the human condition for thousands of years, announcing great leaders or fresh ale at the neighborhood tavern. When taken from this context, it’s perhaps easier to understand why we’re so in love with customized banners. They represent not just a strip of material, but traditional advertising that’s been honed in for thousands of years. With today’s customized banners you can expect top quality vinyl banners capable of withstanding the worst weather, the harshest sunshine and the strongest wind.

Banners are unique in that they’re a very cheap material to produce signage from. Though not considered a permanent form of advertising, as we expect most banners will begin to deteriorate after 6-12 months of use in the wind and sunshine. Banners are still incredibly useful for announcing the grand opening or huge blowout sales your new business may be promoting. Perhaps the most obvious, but most valuable asset to banners is the large sizes for advertising. Cheaper per square foot than traditional signage options, banners allow you to promote on a massive medium for your business.

Arguably the biggest challenge when working with a banner would be the wind. This problem increases as the size of the banner also increases. Though the obvious thought may be to allow it to ‘flow’ in the wind, this would actually hinder your message from being displayed properly. But there are additional options you may consider: Wind Slits are the easiest way to promote your business while still keeping the wind at bay. Wind Slits are half circles cut into the banner at various stress points across the materials surface that allow the wind to billow into your banner, while still being allowed to slip through. This options helps reduce stress and the risk of tearing your banner my face over an extended period of time. The best solution however, would be purchasing a Mesh Banner, thouh the major drawback with mesh is the images can be harder to make out (we suggest using thick, large text for this reason) it is absolutely the best option for keeping your banner safely displayed for months on end. Due to the small mesh holes across the banner, the air is allowed almost unrestricted access through the banner, keeping the tension low and the risk of tearing almost non-existent.

While customized banners are most often viewed hanging, or suspended from wooden/metal stakes, this isn’t always the case. In fact you advertising your banner doesn’t have to be a static thing at all! One of the lesser known but incredibly useful tools to banners, is to order them with pole pockets. Pole pockets allow as you may imagine a pole be strewn through the top and bottom of the banner. Though the top pole is used to carry the banner upright, the lower bar is used to weight the bottom of the banner down. Now, with your message displayed large and for everyone to see, the banner is now qualified for parade or a walking event.