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Lettering on the Cheap

You know that feeling you find when you dig through your pockets and find a twenty dollar bill? That’s how I feel. Over the weekend my roommates were reminding me how badly we really need to do something with the blank spaces on our walls. Which, full disclosure is almost all the walls. It’s occurred to us before we could use Vinyl Stickers and Decals, but honestly I didn’t realize how stupid easy this project would be. That’s when I stumbled upon Lettering on the Cheap, an easy to use service that frankly, couldn’t have been any more point and click had I done it myself. Lettering on the Cheap provided us with the tools and reassurance we’d have the proper experience we were expecting.

So what did we do? I ordered my Vinyl Wall Lettering on Friday, it took a couple days in the mail and I received my Lettering on the Cheap order in a tube on Monday. I was pretty happy with the turnaround. Inside I found my wall letters and graphics, my Goof Proof Kit and a note that led to a number of How To Video Tutorials. It was all pretty self explanatory. It’s rather rare to order from a company and truly feel empowered by their products. All too often it feels like a hostage situation- ‘you give us the money, we’ll give you the bare minimum it takes to work this product.’ But not with Lettering on the Cheap, I truly feel like they wanted me to succeed at my project.

Applying the vinyl was pretty easy and the videos provided me with a number of tips that made installing the Vinyl a breeze. Now we finally have something covering our walls. Something we’re not embarrassed by and looks professionally done. How could I not feel like I just found twenty bucks in my pocket? I probably just saved closer to eighty by installing it myself. Now that’s good business.