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Featured Customer: Destined to Travel LLC

 I operate a safari company in Tanzania, Africa.  I escort several groups per year on safari, from 7 nights to 20+ nights, my most recent was 15 nights in December 2013.
Each time I go, I make my door signs through Speedy Signs.  It is the only company I know that makes an affordable adhesive type sign, that doesn’t take the paint off and adheres to the vehicle through the scorching sun, the ever-present dust, constant opening and closing, and driving through water that can be several feet deep.  Even mud doesn’t damage it.
I have tried at least four different companies who claim that their product will work.  None of them have.  Then I found I could do them on Speedy Signs.  I was reluctant at first, because all of the other products I tried were at least three times the cost.   Add it up, several times a year, spending hundreds per trip can be the difference in promoting your company through it’s vehicle or just leaving the spot empty.  It was unaffordable to continue to buy them regularly.
But I was pleasantly surprised the first time I ordered them and took them with me to Africa.  It started as a trial, but it quickly gave way to a permanent solution.
I gave them to my driver and at the end of the safari, he told me to bring more for the next safari.  Although we can’t reuse them, they do hold up after washing the car.  The vehicle has to be cleaned each evening afterthe safari, so the driver washes it with soap and water, (hoses are not available), and no problem, the sign stays on, and off we go.  At such an affordable cost, we can now stock up on them.  My driver loves them, he was tired of the magnetic signs, because each time he used them, it seemed to chip off a little more of the paint, and curl up at the corners, so eventually, it would not stay on or he had to touchup the paint chipped spots.  Often, my driver may contract with other companies, so finding a product that could also be removed easily was key.
Now, we keep extras on hand, so should we have to hire another vehicle for our safaris, we have them on hand.  We both feel that it is an inexpensive option to promote the business no matter how many vehicles we have, without damage to any of them and it works through all sorts of terrain, and believe me if you can think it, Africa has it, every obstacle, every terrain, every condition.  This has been an absolutely true test of the Speedy Signs product.  As you can see, it’s perfect for the door, and we have  them on both sides, so I am extremely grateful to have found an affordable solution after trying so many.  At an affordable price, this is a great option for Destined To Travel.  Thank  you!!!