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The Unity In Humanity Program

I am so excited to finally announce that is launching the Unity in Humanity Program! We decided that we need to go beyond just selling great products at the best prices to businesses and customers, and start giving back to those who can really use our resources to make a difference in the world around us. As a Social Media Marketer and someone who is passionate about philanthropy, I am overjoyed to be apart of this program.

So what exactly is the Unity in Humanity Program?

The Unity in Humanity Program is an avenue that non-profit organizations, charitable organizations and other community-based organizations can go down to receive donations and discounts for all of their signage needs. We understand that in these times, every single penny counts. And for those of you that are pouring your life’s work into helping others, we want to help facilitate that as much as possible.

Why is it called “The Unity In Humanity Program” ?

Well, I was sitting in front of a blank, white board, writing down any words that came to mind that had to do with this sort of thing. Many of the words I was coming up with sounded good, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. I sat back for a few moments, closed my eyes, and then it hit me so hard and so clear that I literally squealed in my office. Unity in Humanity.

Let’s look at what we do. We are a sign company that prints signage for all kinds of people, with a plethora of backgrounds, beliefs and purposes.  We’ve printed signage for top dogs like Aeropostale, all the way down to tiny, local mom-and-pop shops. Our own staff is made up of all kinds of departments, everyone doing their own thing. All of this makes up vast differences in so many aspects of life, but one thing we all have in common is that we are human. And humans need each other. Speedy Signs IS a business, but we are also people who care. When we support a non-profit organization, we are communicating Unity in Humanity to the world.

So, with that being said, allow me to share with you our very first partner in the Unity in Humanity Program: The Downtown Arts Center of Lake City, Florida.

We decided that to truly make an impact and take this program global, that we first needed to start locally in our own community. The Downtown Arts Center was the perfect candidate for that! The Downtown Arts Center was a dream turned into a reality for Dale Tompkins, a native and community leader to Lake City. He saw the desperate need in the historic downtown district for the revival of art, culture, economy and unity. The Downtown Arts Center hopes to be apart of that revival. Being completely renovated and fixed up in the late months of 2011, there was no money left in the budget for proper signage. That’s where had to step in and help! We provided for them custom frosted vinyl window graphic with knocked-out lettering. The Downtown Arts Center is now open to those who would like to use it for plays, productions, medium sized concerts and shows, benefits, company business meetings and more. A local church that goes by the name of Church on the Way currently uses it for it’s Sunday morning services, and there have already been small productions like “An Interview with Abe Lincoln” take place. Our marketing team decided that they would go down and install the lettering themselves. Take a look at the pros in action!

This is something that we have become very passionate about, and would like to do as much as possible! If you are a non-profit or community-centered organization of any kind and are looking for quality signage, please let us help! We will soon have a page up that will feature everything that has to do with The Unity in Humanity Program, and how you can get involved. But until that is up and running, please contact me, Megan Webb, at or give me a call at 386-755-2006 for more details. We will get you set up with our program and have your awesome signs to you in no time!