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Hugs: A Campaign Worth While

Yesterday started what is known as the Free Hugs Campaign. What started out as a true story of a  guy just needing a hug, turned into a movement promoting compassion and selflessness.

In 2004, “Juan Mann” was living in London when his life was completely flipped upside-down. By the time he landed in his hometown of Sydney, Australia, he was left with nothing but a carry on bag of clothes and a world slam full of troubles. Realizing that a simple hug could not only brighten his day but someone else’s as well, he grabbed some cardboard and a marker, made a FREE HUGS sign and stood at the busiest pedestrian intersection of the city just waiting for someone to to take just a split second out of their day to give him a hug. When an elderly woman who was also in need of a friendly embrace saw his sign, she walked up to him and quickly took advantage of his free hug offer. This simple act kicked off a revolution. Here’s the official Free Hugs Campaign Video:


We live in a day-in-age where we tend to think that we are constantly too busy to do anything except what is currently on our mind; and that rarely, if ever, involves the feelings or needs of others. Well I say it’s time to take just a minute to think of someone else for a change. You see, while this campaign is specific to giving out free hugs to anyone that may be needing one, I like to think about the bigger picture…about what this campaign represents. It represents taking just a little bit of time to help someone out in need…committing random acts of kindness for no other purpose than to be an aid to that person.

Random acts of kindness come in many forms…whether you’re helping an elderly neighbor carry groceries up the stairs, volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, or holding up a sign advertising free hugs to anyone who needs one, the point is to get your mind off of yourself, walk a bit in their shoes, and show a little compassion.

If you so decide to go the route of the Free Hugs Campaign, we want to help. We’re offering one “Free Hugs” sign to anyone planning to participate. Just head on over to our Free Hugs Campaign page to get started, and use coupon code HUGS2012 at checkout.

We would love to see your signs in action, so if you participate with one of our Free Hugs signs, send a photo or two to with the Subject of Free Hugs Campaign, and if we get enough images, we’ll do an entire blog featuring you guys.


NinjaFact: Contrary to popular belief, Ninjas were peace lovers. Their skills were developed as a necessity in order to fight back against injustice and prejudice.