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Celebrate Your Freedom!

The 4th of July is a holiday that I look forward to every year, because it brings back so many fond memories. One year in particular, I was 5 years old and everyone on our street decided to have one big block party celebration. It was so much like the 4th of July scene in the movie “The Sandlot,” with everyone outside eating, playing and watching the fireworks. I’ll never forget laying in the hammock across the street from my house with my best friend Nicole, watching the fireworks for what seemed like hours. It is a fond memory, and one of the few I can actually recall from that age.

I know the 4th of July isn’t for a few more days, but we wanted to go ahead and get a head start on the celebration. We love living in America, and we appreciate you as our customers, so from now until the July 7th, we are offering free shipping on all orders!

Say what???

Yes, no matter how big or small your order is, the shipping is on us. Use it for vinyl banners, window lettering, yard signs and more! Just use promo code  FIREWORKS2012 at checkout, and we’ll take those shipping costs right off of there for ya!

Enjoy your 4th of July festivities, whether it consists of BBQ’s and fireworks, or a quiet night at home reflecting on what a privilege it is to live in this great country. And don’t forget to place your order with by the 7th for free shipping!