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Window lettering, an often unassuming approach to advertising, can be very effective when used correctly. Window lettering is a quick, cost-effective, and space saving way to professionally display your brand, hours, and other pertinent information. Sometimes giant, colorful signs are not appropriate for the setting and context in which your storefront or office is located, in which case this option becomes the best choice. At Speedy Signs, we offer a variety of window lettering, and also the option to customize and design your own. We use our high-quality calendar vinyl, which will hold up for several years, in-door or out. We send you each letter individually packaged so that you have full control over the way your window lettering looks. Applying your window lettering can be quick an easy when done correctly.

These steps will help you successfully apply your window lettering to your surface without any bubbles or creases.

1. Take the letter you want to apply first, and hold it up to the window, using masking tape at the top of the cut out to secure the letter on the window.

2. Lift the letter up and peel back the thin layer of paper only about 1/3 of the way down.

3. Take a credit card or driver’s license and swipe it over each side of the letter from the middle to the side in a slight downwards motion.

4. Pull the back layer down a little more, repeating step 3 until the entire letter is applied to the window. The amount of times you repeat this step will be determined by the size of your lettering.

5. Peel off the tape and front layer of lettering from the right top corner downwards in a 45 degree angle, resulting in a successfully applied window letter.

There you have it! Once you have your lettering ordered, we will quickly have it to your front door. If, in the rare event, you are not completely satisfied with your lettering, we have a team of Customer Service Representatives that would love nothing more than to fix the problem. They are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Don’t forget that we also offer a vast variety of other signage, like vehicle lettering, yard signs, vinyl banners and much more!

Use your windows to their fullest advertising potential. Now that you see how easy it is, check out all of our window lettering options and get started today!