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May the Fourth Be With You!

Not only is today Star Wars Day, but it is also the eve of Cinco De Mayo! This wonderful holiday observed across America and in Mexico is a celebration of freedom from war and oppression. In light of the holiday weekend, I want to share a recipe for margaritas that my friend Adam showed me that I have found to be the most delicious. Follow this and your Cinco De Mayo celebration will be great!

What you will need:

Milagro Tequila Silver

Amber Agave Nectar

Fresh Lime Juice

Beverage Salt

I learned from Adam that the trick to a really good margarita lies in the tequila that is used. For a liquor to qualify as tequila, it must have a minimum of 51 percent blue agave, which is what Jose Cuervo and other tequilas contain. High quality tequila, like Milagro and Patron, contain 100 percent blue agave, leaving a delightful taste and a real smooth ride. It also makes a world of difference if you don’t use margarita mix.

So take your tumbler and add your ice, two parts Milagro tequila silver, one part agave nectar and one part fresh lime juice. Give it a good shake, pour it into your salt-rimmed glasses and enjoy!

It almost sounds too easy to be true, but sometimes the simpler things can be the most pleasurable.

Need some tasty eats to go with this refreshing holiday beverage? Check out The Pioneer Woman’s latest post on Cinco De Mayo Recipes. Trust me, she won’t leave you disappointed.

Have a fun and safe weekend!