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Yard Signs: A Classic Yet Highly Effective Campaigning Tool

2012: Another big year for the political campaign. We often think about election year only having to do with who’s running for president. I mean, it’s all any one can talk about sometimes. We are faced with political t.v. commercials, Facebook memes and article upon article of opinions. What we often overlook is the unassuming yet highly effective campaigning tool for winning votes: the yard sign. All across the country, state and county offices will be up for election this year, and great campaigning must involve the whole package.

For most voters, campaigning¬† yard signs are the first form of advertisement they will see. According to recent Vanderbilt political science research conducted by Cindy Kam and Elizabeth Zechmeister, name recognition alone can positively affect voter’s support, especially in low information races. And because low-info races make up the majority of races, this piece of information can make or break ones campaign. They even did an experiment involving a fake name that they put on yard signs and stuck in someones yard. They then took a survey of the people that drove by that house everyday, and some of them actually said they would vote for that person! They had no idea he didn’t exist (which is kind of scary…).

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