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Deal Of The Week – 2/20/2012 60% Off Floor Decals

Stand out with a floor decal.

In this age of marketing and social media, it seems that every single piece of available advertising space is already filled, and even if there is an open slot somewhere it’s like adding a drop of water to the ocean. There is one piece of advertising real estate that highly under-utilized: the floor. As funny as it may sound, a large portion of our time is spent looking down. Don’t get me wrong, most people probably don’t spend their days looking directly down at the floor in front of them, but as we walk and we look ahead, we notice the space we’re walking on via our peripheral vision. This open floor space that is in essence “noticed not seen”, is prime real estate for advertisements as there is, for the moment, not much competition.

Decorative floor decal.

Floor decals aren’t just for advertising though; they’re a great way to commemorate that special day or to add a special touch of custom decoration to your favorite room. Whether it be as a custom dance floor decoration, the perfect complement to your dream home, or even as a custom nursery decoration, floor decals can be an excellent addition to any room or home.

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