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Using Corrugated Plastic Signs to Promote Your Special Event

Corrugated Plastic Signs are a great way to promote your special event.  They are quick and easy to install, inexpensive and easily read.  You can use these to thank and give name recognition to sponsors of your event.  Place signs around town to announce and advertise the dates and location of your upcoming event.  (Be sure to check city ordinances and get permission before leaving your signs.  Also keep in mind that it is a good practice to go back and remove these signs after your event is over.)  Place a sign on major intersections and any unmarked roads to direct traffic to your event.  Plastic yard signs can also be used to mark each area of your event so attendees are able to easily find refreshments, bathrooms, and any other particular areas.

Another great way to generate some funds for your event is to get local businesses to donate goods or services in exchange for signs posted around your event as sponsors.  Local restaurants may donate food, florist may donate some flowers in exchange for recognition for that, rental stores may donate chairs or tables, if you need door prizes, you can often negotiate coupons for free games of bowling, miniature golf, free dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, certificates to a local spa and more.  Go through your local yellow pages for more ideas.

Here are just some of the special events that will benefit from using corrugated signage:

  1. Homecoming
  2. Football Games
  3. Sports Events
  4. Wedding Ceremonies
  5. Golf Events
  6. Luncheons
  7. Receptions
  8. Baby Showers
  9. Birthday Parties
  10. Award Ceremonies
  11. Scholastic Competitions
  12. Open Houses
  13. Benefit Auctions
  14. Races and Competitions
  15. Fundraising Events
  16. Company Picnics
  17. Flea Market
  18. Seasonal Produce Stands

At we can handle all of your custom corrugated sign needs. If you need assistance placing an order or would like to discuss our corrugated signs in more detail please give us a call at 1-866-846-7446. Our signage experts are standing by to help.