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Using QR Codes as a Modern Way to Advertise Your Event

Gone are the days when a simple flyer through the mail or an advert in a publication would have grabbed people’s interest. Today, in order to get people flocking to your events, you need to make the advertising and promotions enjoyable for the customer.

One of the most technologically advanced and innovative ways of connecting with potential guests is through QR code promotions. QR codes are the small, square and black and white markings that look somewhat like a barcode. They are often situated on visual displays and offer a way for the customer to find out more information about what you are offering using their smartphones. Best of all, they are non-invasive and don’t look like adverts.

QR codes make use of modern smartphone technology and the apps that are available on many of the latest models of phones. When a potential customer holds their phone up to the QR code and scans the code, they will receive an internet link that takes them to a mobile site where they can find out more information about your event.

Customers don’t like to feel as though they are having promotional material forced on to them. In order to tell guests about your event without making them feel pressured is by offering a simple display with a QR code that will give them more information if they want it.

What’s great about QR codes is that it means that you do not have to work as hard at your marketing and promotions. You can be sure that if a person has scanned the QR code with their phone, it means that they are more interested than just the average passer-by that may have seen your display.

You will also have access to the statistics of each potential guest that scans the QR code. This means that you can see which of your advert positions or marketing strategies are working the best. If you just use flyers and posters to advertise an event, you cannot tell how many people have taken notice of the poster. If you use QR code promotions it means that you can tell exactly how many people are at least interested in your event.

You can also be sure that you will receive higher conversion rates using QR codes. This is because those that have taken the time to use their smartphone are more likely to be potential customers –  since they liked what they saw enough to go and check it out further.

QR codes are not supposed to feel like advertising. A great way to use them is to put them on a large and visually stimulating image, billboard or poster where your potential customers may see it.

As long as your image reflects the event that you are organizing, even without any text on the display, you will attract people’s attention.

When people see the QR code with an image they will be tempted to scan it to find out what it’s all about. The fact that there is no information there on the poster means that they will be curious to find out what is being promoted. When they scan the QR code it will take them to a link where there is more information.

However, you can also be even more creative with the link that your QR code takes your potential guest to. You don’t just have to link them to a place where they learn the event’s dates and times, you can link them to something that is going to give them more reason to book or turn up to your event.

For example, you could link to a video that gives an interactive media presentation of your event – telling them why it’s going to be great for them and giving them reason to take part. Video offers a great way to showcase all of those exciting aspects of your event that would never be able to be conveyed on a simple poster or flyer.

Video is also a great way of getting people more excited and involved with an idea, and the fact that you can make a poster or billboard into an interactive video experience with just the push of a phone button is one of the amazing ways that QR codes are a major promotional tool. They allow you to appeal to your potential guests in a multitude of ways.

Another great way of using the QR code marketing strategy to get more guests to your event is to use the QR code to give a customer discount. Discounts are a great way to get people interested in a whole range of events. People are always on the lookout for great deals and offers, and if you can let them feel extra special that they have got a discount to your event simply by making the effort to scan your QR code, they will be more likely to sign up.

Your potential guests want to feel special and feel as though they have a special invite. A QR code that gives them access to a special VIP area at your event or a code that gives them the ability to reserve a space, or for a free meal are all great ways to get people interested. The more ways that you can appeal to your guests the better, and the fact that you can have a downloadable coupon means that the customer just has to show their phone at the event to get a discount.

What’s great about the whole idea with QR codes is that they are modern and easy to use. People love to use their smartphones and if you can combine the use of modern technology with interesting ways to reach your audience, you are sure to get a fantastic amount of interest and customer interactivity in any event that you are offering.