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7 Tips for Successful Networking

Networking is a great way to make business contacts. But there are proper and improper ways to do it. These tips will help you to be a success in networking.

Networking is one of the best ways to exchange ideas and meet with other people. But networking is more than just making business contacts.  Here are some tips that you can use for successful networking.

Be authentic and genuine

You want to build relationships and trust and show others how you can help them.  You don’t want to make empty promises to people to get their endorsement.

Ask yourself why you’re attending networking meetings

 This is going to help you choose groups that are going to help you achieve your goals. Some of the meetings are more for making contacts, learning, and volunteering instead of making some business connections. If the groups interest you, go ahead and attend them. Notice the group’s attitude and tone. Are the people in it supporting each other? Does it look like the leadership is competent? A lot of groups give you the option to visit a couple of times before you join.

Volunteer in different organizations

This is a really good way to keep visible and also give back to the groups that have been a help to you. It shows that you are ready to help others and that you’re not just a taker.

Ask questions that are open-ended

You should ask questions such as what, when, who, how, and when.  Don’t just ask questions that the person is able to answer no or yes. This is going to open the discussion up and therefore show the listeners that you are truly interested.

Become a good resource for other people

 When other people know that you are a strong resource, people are going to come to you for ideas, names, and suggestions. This is going to help you to stay visible.

Make sure your understanding is clear

Be concise. This is going to help you to get referrals.  Have the ability to clearly state what you’re looking for and the ways that other people can help you. Many people ask when they are talking to someone how they can help.  No one knows quite how to answer that question. Knowing your answer and having that answer ready is a step in the right direction.

Pay attention to referrals

When someone gives referrals to you, how you act reflects on them. Honor and respect that and you’ll see your referrals growing.  A person giving you a referral is a great honor, so make sure that you appreciate it.

Networking is a great way for someone to get some business ideas and possibly to get new clients.   But it’s not all about taking. Networking is giving and taking. When people see that you are willing to help others, they will be more likely to do business with you. The way that someone acts in networking meetings can be a good indication of how they will treat their customers. A person’s demeanor at a networking meeting can say a lot about how they treat their customers and their business. Be sure that you are presenting your business and yourself in the best light.