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How to Successfully Integrate Twitter into your Online Business

Twitter is an internet phenomenon. So many people use Twitter that it has become an important tool for promoting online business and services. If you are unsure how to go about using Twitter to help your business, this article points you in the right direction with these great tips.

Are you using Twitter for your business?

Integrating Twitter into your online business is an essential step on the way to getting more customers to your website and generating more awareness of your product or service. Here are some great tips on how to make the most out of your Twitter campaign.

Twitter is a huge social network where people meet each other, share ideas, pass on information and promote their businesses, all in under 140 characters. People “tweet” thoughts, impressions and information and other people have the opportunity to respond or to “retweet”. Twitter is an easy way to reach thousands and potentially millions of people, so follow the simple sign-up procedure and get yourself an account.

Once you have decided on a name for your account and have written a brief profile, now is the time to do your research. Use Twitter’s search facility to look for users in a similar field to yours and start to build your “following” and “follower” lists. Introduce yourself to people in a friendly, relaxed way and perhaps refer to something they have already tweeted. This is a great way to get yourself noticed by that person. Do not approach anybody with a hard sell or a promotional tweet – this can be disastrous. The key with Twitter is to build a rapport with people and stay lighthearted. Nobody will be interested in you if you only tweet about your product or service. You must show a genuine interest in the topics and discussions of other users and you must get involved in the community spirit.

This process can take time and can feel frustrating if the number of followers you have increases slower than you expected. You can speed up the process by linking your Facebook, Youtube and Twitter accounts. This means that your accounts will be connected and information will be shared across the social media websites more quickly. Invite your Facebook friends or fans to follow you on Twitter, and do the same on Youtube with your subscribers and friends.

Join the Twitter revolution!

Of course you have to start talking about your online business at some point. When you tweet about your products or services, try to find words which stand out and are perhaps humorous or intriguing. Most Twitter users just ignore a blatant advert, so try to entice your followers to visit your website by thinking hard about the tone of your tweets. It should be noted that some of your tweets can indeed be straightforward adverts, but make sure you tell your followers how they can benefit from your business. Give them a reason to click on the link.

Retweeting others is a great way to increase exposure. If somebody writes something that strikes you as amusing, interesting or even controversial, retweet it and wait for the response. It may be that something you wrote gets retweeted, in which case you can expect new followers to arrive on your page, which is all good exposure. Your Twitter account will grow as time goes on and people will enjoy reading your business “adventures” if you keep them fun and engaging. It may seem like hard work at first, but you should experience increased website visits and increased sales as your Twitter presence becomes bigger.

A final point about Twitter is that it is great to share product or service promotions and special offers. Due to the immediacy of a tweet, you can let thousands of people know very quickly that you have reduced your prices or written a new ebook. If you have done everything you can to build up a loyal and targeted readership, sales should go through the roof.

The power of Twitter doesn’t look like diminishing any time soon, so make sure you jump on board and make the most of it. Patience, originality and a sense of humor will help you in your quest for a successful Twitter campaign.