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How great copywriting will get you high Google rankings

The key to high Google rankings is effort plus persistence. This article describes how providing great copy written content will increase your SERP results.

After the Google Panda update, achieving high rankings mean stepping up your game. How? By creating quality content with great copywriting.

Content is the fuel of the social web.

Quality content is the fuel of the social web. With that expanding universe of social media in mind, search engines are forcing you to step up your game. Most notably, Google recently introduced the ‘Google Panda’ update which penalizes low-value content. By investing in quality content you are building long term relationships with your audience. Equally important, quality content will be shared on the social web. After all; the social web is all about sharing. But in order to get them sharing you need great copywriting to engage your visitors in a meaningful dialogue about your content.

How to get high Google rankings

High Google rankings require one simple thing; persistence. Google monitors how often you add content to your website and is known to, both algorithmically and manually, reward sites that are actively producing quality content. In other words; investing in great copywriting will engage users in sharing your content. This means more exposure and therefore visitors on your site, but also a higher chance of building natural backlinks because of webmasters linking to your great content.

Even more so, Google has recently introduced ‘Social Search’ to the masses which basically means they start counting social media relevance as a ranking signal. Those backlinks on Twitter might be nofollow, but they will get you high Google rankings among those who follow those who tweeted your content!

The effect of Panda on Google rankings

Google’s ‘Panda’ update is a recent, large update on the ranking factors that Google takes in to account. To put it bluntly; site that have low quality (meaning duplicate content for example) content will suffer a decrease in ranking. Although achieving high Google rankings becomes harder with this update, this is actually good news because Google is now rewarding publishers who invest in quality content more honestly. If you work hard for your visitors by providing great copywriting and quality content, you deserve those high Google rankings.

To conclude; if you want high Google rankings invest in content. With the social web growing, people need stuff to share. On the other end of the spectrum, search engines are increasingly rewarding good craftsmanship. So in all, it’s worth it in the long run.