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The Importance of Color When Designing Window Lettering

Proper window lettering color is important to consider when designing your window decals. A glass window surface is a darker color and you should always stay away from using a dark color vinyl when applying directly onto glass. If your design must have a dark color then a good option is to create a white or light colored outline or border around the perimeter of the dark color. This will allow it to stand out and increase the visibility of your design.

White is an all time favorite color to contrast on a window design. Other popular colors are yellow or even red. With careful selection and proper synchronization of colors, you can create great looking car window decals that open up a vast opportunity for promotion.

Car window stickers are not only decorative but are also great advertising tool, not only that they also make wonderful gifts to love ones and friends.

Just how do car window stickers help in advertising your business? It’s quite simple really… Everyday there are so many people you share the road with and having a car window sticker with your company’s logo is a terrific way of exposing your company to them. Plus it saves you a great deal of time and money in advertising your company.

Well, come to think of it you’re on the road anyway and you’re passing hundreds of people so why not make the most out of the situation and out of your gas. Moreover, car window stickers are simply hard to miss out since they are very attractive and look really good on cars. Knowing the benefits of a car window decal makes it even more sensible and practical to purchase one.

Vinyl graphics are produced by cutting your design out of a sheet of colored vinyl material. Unlike a plain, flat bumper sticker, these beautiful graphics are individually cut and pre-spaced. They are self-adhesive, come ready-to-apply, and are very easy to handle.

Storefront graphics can enhance your business appearance to potential customers with news of sales, store hours, descriptive words, or your company logo. Door graphics are essential to drawing customers into a retail or storefront door. Provide information like your business name, address, phone number, product lines, etc. to draw them in! Also Vinyl window lettering is a great way to decorate for the season. Show your spirit when Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July come around. Just remember to use bright colors and you are sure to keep those customers coming in.