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Various Uses of Safety Signs

There are so many different uses for safety signs and decals. is a great online resource for all of your custom signage needs, and safety signs and decals are no exception. By visiting the OSHA sign section of our site, you will have access to a wide variety of ready-made safety signs and the ability to customize safety or warning signs of your own.


Let’s first look at what can be done to have fun with a “warning sign”, “safety sign”, or “notice sign”. Kids love to have a warning sign with their own message and name on it, hanging from their bedroom door. Recently I was in a coffee shop that had mostly female baristas, and there was a sign that read “Warning: The coffee is also hot”. By using our online design tool, you can put your own creativity into writing a humorous phrase under an official looking safety sign.


There are many uses for the safety sign that are quite serious. In almost every manufacturing, chemical, research facility, there are ways for people to get hurt or ill that requires you to warn them of the dangers. Signs advising the public on danger or property boundaries, are seen everywhere from National Parks to private property.


So, what is a safety sign? The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) definition of a safety sign is a visual alerting device which advises the observer of a potential hazard. The sign should be highly visible and clearly communicate the intended message. Safety signs usually consist of a signal word (i.e. Warning, Caution, Danger), a panel displaying the message, and/or a pictorial symbol that’s displayed to alert and inform observers to take precautionary or other appropriate action as a result of potential hazards.


Safety decals and stickers, also have many important uses. By using the safety icons in our clip-art library, you can build safety decals for just about any imaginable use. Most heavy equipment and power tools today are required to have visible safety and warning stickers placed in the appropriate areas. These not only can help someone avoid potential harm, but can also help save you from an expensive lawsuit.


Another important aspect of creating safety signs in today’s world, is to make them bilingual. This is especially true if you are in area that has a relatively high concentration of people where English is not their primary language. If you own a business that requires warning and danger signs, and you have a number of Spanish speaking employees; even though the symbols are universal, it would be in your best interest to also include a bilingual message as well.


Take the time to go thru our OSHA section to see all of the different solutions offered. You will also find that it is a blast to use the online design tools; and the service, quality, and speed will keep you coming back for all of your custom signage and product needs.