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Drive Sales with Custom Vehicle Lettering!

Adding vehicle lettering to your ride is one of the fastest ways to advertise your business. It has a proven ROI - For a small initial investment, you will gain both a professional looking business vehicle as well as ongoing leads. The more you drive the more exposure you get. If you have a parking lot near a road, you can get even more exposure! We have options for every budget, from a small rear window decal with your business name and contact info, to a full color partial wrap! Make your ride stand out from the crowd with custom vinyl lettering!

Transform Your Vehicle

Watch this quick video to see some dramatic vehicle transformations! Customize your car or truck with custom vinyl and graphics. This is a quick way to add your logo, contact info and personality to your vehicle. Our vinyl lettering will stick to any smooth surface and are 100% waterproof & washable. We will help you come up with a design that will impress all your friends and customers. And even better, we will show you how to save money and install it yourself!

Easy to apply

Our car vinyl lettering comes pre-spaced, masked and ready to apply in 1 application. We have lots of tips and tricks to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

Vehicle safe

Our vehicle vinyl is completely removable and will not damage your paint. All of our materials use safe to remove adhesives to ensure your vehicles paint is safe.

100% Waterproof

Our car lettering is created to hold up outdoors for many years. Waterproof and even washable, water does not effect the quality of your vinyl in any way.

#1 ROI

Fastest & cheapest way to transform your vehicle! Vehicle decals are a proven & cost effective way to advertise any business or products you offer.

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Why choose Speedy Signs?

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Ridiculously fast

If you order before 3pm EST and have good artwork, your order ships the next day!

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Top quality

We use top of the line brand name premium products such as 3M, Avery, and Oracal.

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Goof proof

If you goof up the installation of your lettering we’ll replace the vinyl for free!

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Industry experts

Our sign experts are just a phone call away to walk you through getting the perfect vinyl.


Our rule of thumb is 24 hours, before you go and rub or wash the surface.
We have many tips and tricks to help, but if you have an OOPS, just give us a call to discuss and troubleshoot so it does not happen again. With our goof - proof warranty, we are happy to send you a replacement decal asap if needed!
Yes our talented designers can generally recreate from any design you have. Just email it to us for a free estimate!
Absolutely, just send over ideas of what you are looking for and our designers will take it from there!
To get the perfect vehicle design layout, it may take a few days of back and forth on the artwork. But once the artwork is finalized our production team is like a rocketship! All orders placed with approved artwork by 3pm will ship the very next day!
Give us a call to discuss, we want our customers to be absolutely thrilled with their lettering. We will work with you to correct any concerns until you are 100% thrilled with your design.
Different materials will be different levels of difficulty. For example, our perforated vinyl peels off pretty easily, possibly leaving just a little adhesive that can be cleaned up with an adhesive remover. Our premium printed vinyl lettering is the highest quality, with a removable adhesive. This should remove cleanly even after several years. Our standard vinyl has a permanent adhesive, which will take some more effort - you will need to warm up the vinyl, peel it off and then use an adhesive remover and some elbow grease to get all the sticky residue off.
No the vinyl actually protects your paint job. Do keep in mind because it protects the paint from the sun, the areas exposed may actually fade slightly, so that if you remove you lettering many years down the road, there may be some “ghosting”. This generally happens on darker colored vehicles after multiple years.
We are able to get a huge variety of vinyls not listed on our website. From metallic shimmers, to shade shifter, matte, camo, carbon fiber and more. If you are looking for something unique just ask, there is a good chance we have it or can get it!
Yes we can get headlight tint wraps in a variety of colors, just ask!
This is a cool new idea, wrapping your brakes with reflective vinyl so there is a flash of color at night to show off your wheels. Yes we can get you this material, specially designed to stick in harsher environments such as this.

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