Towing 125 B Back Window



Do you have a towing business? Would you like to turn your back window into a billboard marketing your tow truck business? With our one way vision material, you can completely cover your rear window, but when inside the cab you can still see out clearly. It has tiny holes or perforations that allow you to see out. When viewed from outside the vehicle, your customers will only see a beautiful custom display of your tow truck ad. Update this tow truck design with your name and phone number or create a completely new design by uploading your very own custom tow truck logo.

This decal has small holes (perforations) that allow you to see out of your window, but at the same time these holes are so small that when the decal is viewed from the outside, it looks like a regular decal.  Often used for store front windows or back vehicle windows. 

Allows a full graphic image to be seen on the outside while allowing viewing through the window from the inside. Removable for up to 1 year.

Product Information