Money & Dollar Signs 853 48"H x 48"W Site Sign



This design has a black background along with silhouette orange and red houses in a row on top of money and a big dollar sign giving the impression you can only receive that kind of money through your business. The text is black, and white with areas for your editable information like your big event,  web site, and phone number.

With the use of aluminum inserts and profile filling, the frame can withstand more weight and wind load. The design eliminates the twist other frames have. With these advantages and the fact that we use one of the highest quality vinyl extrusions in the industry, we are convinced this frame is " The Vinyl Frame That Lasts Forever" .

10 mm Corro is a light weight durable option for exterior larger signs-a strong corrugated core is sandwiched between 2 sheets of PVC.   Comparable to ½” plywood.  Outdoor durable.

Kit includes: Vinyl Sign Frame and 1 Sign

Product Information

Product SKU: SIGN_SITE_BF50_CORR_10MM_K_48Hx48W