Create License Plates for Vehicles, Gifts, and More

You can use custom license plates in a huge variety of ways.  The most common and original use is to add personality to your vehicle on the front plate or vanity plate.  

But here are just a few of the creative ways our customers have used our custom license plates:


  • Displayed on walls to add personality to your space.

  • Propped up on a workbench, to mark your work area.

  • In Grandpa’s or Dad’s Garage

  • Zip tied to a bike to express ownership and creativity.  And yes we can make customized motorcycle plates as well!

  • On doors to display Keep Out or Enter Here and many other creative ways you might want to label a door.

  • On a tree fort say No Boys Allowed!  Or No Girls Allowed!

  • Hanging from a post with an address on it.

  • Displayed on a shelf with a collection of memorabilia.

  • Throughout a warehouse with labels for various areas.


Our truck tags and auto tags are printed with high quality, vibrant UV inks directly on to .040 aluminum with a white baked enamel finish.  They are waterproof, outdoor durable and will last for years. Will not rust.


Browse our gallery of professionally designed free license plate templates for all kinds of applications, from home to hobby to business.  Customize them with your personal info, or upload your own graphics to create one of a kind personalized signage in minutes.

Free Templates for License Plates

These license plates can be customized in so many ways.  Add your business logo for branding. Add you club logo to create a membership gift for a specialized club, or even market and sell them for raising funds for your club.  Show school or team pride, again a great fundraiser as well. Personalized car tags make great gifts for new drivers or new vehicle owners. Custom vehicle tags or truck plates make great birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and holiday gifts as well.  


Explore Custom License Plate Types

We have 2 standard sizes of license plates:

Standard vehicle size license plate:  6” H x 12” W

These have 2 slots on top & 2 slots on bottom, both ? inches apart on center (the US standard).

Standard motercycle or bike license plate:  4” H x 7” W

These have 2 slots on top & 2 slots on bottom, both 5.75 inches apart on center (the US standard). If these do not fit your needs, check out our sign panels for custom size options!

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.040 Aluminum


UV Laminate
Slotted Holes
Rounded Corners