Great service.

Great service. I will probably have a couple more signs made sometime next year

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- Brian Craig

Great quality I was very pleased.

Website is easy to navigate. Designing my own sign was quick and easy. Great quality I was very pleased.

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- James Rocha

Thank you SpeedySigns. I'll be back.

I've ordered several signs, custom gifts and a few license plates over the years. The quality is always high. The last plate was bent badly by UPS (that takes a lot for an aluminum plate...) - customer service at SpeedySigns immediately sent me a replacement. Great products, great customer service - something we don't see a lot of these days. Thank you SpeedySigns. I'll be back. You're not terminated. MR BREEZ

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Longtime customer

In 2006 I became a customer. Every time I ever needed customer assistance, I received immediate help. Most recently I received awesome assistance from Danielle Bullock. Thanks!

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- Anne Pietras

Great service

We like the sign and will be ordering 2 more soon.

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- Mike Anderson

Very happy

Very happy easy to customize your signs unlike other websites I recommend this website.

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- Guest

I can't get over how quickly I received my signs!

I can't get over how quickly I received my signs!! I didn't think they would be here on time so I ordered two of them locally. Your signs were finished and delivered to my door before the local guys could even finish. I've forwarded your info to other stores that are in need of yard signs. Thank you!!

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- Kelly Paslawski

The website is very easy to navigate!

The website is very easy to navigate! I was able to design exactly what I needed, it was shipped quickly and was exactly what I expected.

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- Timothy Stalnaker

Will definitely use your company again!

My order arrived damaged and after contacting your company, I received a replacement shortly afterward. I have more signs to order later and will definitely use your company again!

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- Sheldon White

Our signs are up and looking good!

Danielle was very informed and helpful in explaining the best choices for my project. Our signs are up and looking good!

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- Kakesa


I was surprised that they had a copy of my original order on file. So, when my tag was destroyed I contacted speedysigns to replace it, they were able to do so without any difficulty. Thanks!

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- Cheryl Simmons

Nice graphics tools

I've used Speed Signs to make 4 or 5 custom license plates for my classic car. Nice graphics tools, high-quality product, and fast shipping. A ++++. Drive this way - fast !

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- Steve Klick

This is the third time I've used them.

I received two very detailed explanations in answer to my questions. Speedy Sign has the largest selections of fonts that I could find, and the most other variables I could use in designing the sign. This is the third time I've used them.

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- Teresa Williams

We have received many compliments!

Your signs are outstanding. I ordered them for our Friends of the Library Bookstore. We are thrilled that they are UV protected and we have received many compliments!

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- Holly Porterfield

We will definitely use their services again.

SpeedySigns was very proactive in letting me know that quick approvals would speed up the production process. All contact was polite and professional and the product was excellent. We will definitely use their services again.

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- Polly

I would definitely recommend SpeedySigns

I designed a custom license plate. We placed the order using AmazonPay. This was when SpeedySigns first started using this payment method, and we got double charged for the order. I called and they took care of the issue right away. The two people I spoke with were extremely friendly and helpful. The design process was easy. They took care of the issue right away, and then followed up with a confirmation phone call. I could not have asked for better customer service. I would definitely recommend SpeedySign and would use them again

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- Lori S.

Always quick and of high quality.

I have purchased custom printed signs from Speedy Signs a dozen times. Always quick and of high quality.

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- Gary Dorr

SpeedySigns is now my Go-To.

1st off; They order came amazingly fast...Speedy. The site is easy to use for a not so great computer guy like me. The selection of Fonts makes personalizing a unique look (or any look) fast & fun. Prices were very competitive, SpeedySigns is now my Go-To. I'd definitely recommend to anyone

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- Guest

Good Company

The reason that I am ordering my signs and banners from the Speedy Signs company, is that they do good work in the designing of the sign and banner that you want to purchase. I love their work on the banners. I've worked at the Carnivals for over 50 years plus, and when I saw a lot of beautiful signs people had in front of their Concession booth, I wanted one similar. Speedy signs were great in bringing my vision to life. thank you, very much.

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- William Franks

Popular Templates

Affordable Custom Aluminum Signs for Any Occasion

Our Aluminum Signs come in .040 and .080 thickness We also offer 3mm aluminum composite material signs or 5mm alumacore.  All of these aluminum materials are great for a wide variety of applications. They are completely weatherproof and the best solution for long term outdoor signs. Washable and long-lasting, they can also be used indoors indefinitely.

.040 Aluminum

.040 This is the most commonly used materials

.040 Aluminum available in stock colors:  White, Black, Mill, Brushed Silver, Reflective

.040 Aluminum available in custom colors via special order.

.080 Aluminum is double the thickness of .040. It can survive a blow much better than the thinner .040 material or even the more rigid 3mm aluminum composite.   .080 aluminum is often used for road signs and parking signs, where there may be a risk of vehicles bumping them or in areas where there is equipment (such as in a warehouse or on a job site).

.080 Aluminum available in stock colors:  White, Reflective

.080 Aluminum available in custom colors via special order.

3mm Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) or Rigid Board is a newer material that was developed to have the heavier look and feel of .080 aluminum.  It is rigid and sturdy yet lightweight and easy to carry and install. ACM has 2 thin sheets of aluminum that are laminated to the front and back a solid black poly core.  While this product was actually invented in 1964 and patented in 1971, it became more common in 1991 after the patent expired and multiple companies began manufacturing it.  It is now very readily available and a great upgrade from .040 aluminum. It has a thicker, quality feel. (The 3mm converts to .118 which is actually a little thicker than the .080 aluminum.) When this material is cut, the black core also gives the edges a more finished look instead of raw aluminum.  

3mm Aluminum Composite Material is available in stock colors:  White, Brushed Silver, Reflective (pic of white, brushed, reflective acm)

3mm Aluminum Composite Material is available in custom colors via special order.

Our sheets come in 48” x 96” sheets, but we are able to custom order in 48” x 120”, 48” x 144” and even 60” x 120”.

Choose one of the various design options or create your own custom aluminum signs with personalized graphics and color palette, using our custom aluminum sign design tool. We offer excellent quality aluminum signs at very affordable prices. Our accessories and add-ons will help you display your custom aluminum signs in minutes with no fuss. Start designing your custom aluminum signs today.

Caring for your Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are very low maintenance.  If they are installed indoors the most you will need to do is wipe fingerprints away with a damp cloth and dry.  If you are in a dusty area, you may need to dust them off occasionally. Aluminum signs installed outdoors may get a little dirtier.  Vehicles driving nearby can leave an oily residue on your sign. Rainfall may splash dirt onto it as well. This is easy to remove with a little mild soap and water solutions.  Simply wash the sign surface thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth.


Storage and Recycling of Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs should be stored flat with a sheet of newspaper or other protective layers in between each sign.  This prevents the signs from rubbing together and damaging the ink printed onto the sign. If you no longer need your signs, you may be happy to know they can be recycled at any aluminum recycling center.

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3mm Rigid Board
.080 Aluminum
.040 Aluminum


This is some content for Addons.

Contour Cut Full Bleed
Contour Cut with Border
UV Laminate
Slotted Holes
Rounded Corners
Double Sided


Suction Cups
Stand Off Mounts


Bended with Holes
Brick/Block Wall
Wood Post
Steel Building
Metal Post: Round or Fence Post

Frequently Asked Questions

We print directly onto the aluminum signs with very durable and scratch resistant, eco-friendly UV inks, using a wide format digital printer. The inks are cured with UV lighting for one of the best finishes in the industry. You can also add a clear hard coating of UV laminate for extra protection.
Aluminum signs have been known to last for many, many years. A rule of thumb is 2-5 years, but this can actually vary wildly depending on conditions. Outdoors there are many factors that will affect the life of your sign. The number one enemy being sunlight. Sun can bake your sign, causing the inks to fade over time. So the number of hours you sign is exposed to sunlight will directly correlate to the number of years life you get out of your sign. Salt or other chemicals in the air can also affect the inks and paint on your aluminum signs. Over time it can give the sign a “chalky” look or finish.
Yes, we offer reflective options for all of our aluminum sign materials. We simply laminate a sheet of reflective vinyl to the surface of your sign & then print your design on it with our UV digital flatbed printer. Therefore it is important that you understand the background of your sign will be reflective, while the areas with ink will not be reflective or only slightly reflective. Alternatively, you can order a non-reflective aluminum sign & then add reflective cut vinyl to the sign. Then the letters/numbers cut out will be reflective.
We package our signs securely in boxes to ship. Any signs larger than 23x36 will require crating to prevent damage in shipping. Once over 70 lbs, these will be shipped via freight instead of our small package shipper.
Yes, aluminum signs can both be easily drilled with a standard drill.
Yes, we have a full-fledged metal shop, with metal shears & benders. Feel free to contact us for a quote on your custom project!
Our production team is phenomenal and as long as your order is placed with approved, ready to print artwork, we can make and ship signs in as little as an hour. Just ask our customer service team about our same day rush options! So essentially if you rush your sign to ship the same day you order it plus select next day air shipping, you could have your sign in as little as 1 day!
All our signs are cut from 4x8 sheets of material as you order them. We keep pallets of material on hand so we can fill your orders quickly. Most orders placed by 3 pm eastern time will ship the very next day!
Yes, we have lots of great options for installing your signs. Screws + Caps Magnetic strips Velcro Self adhesive Zip ties Suction cups 2,4 Standoffs
All of our stock aluminum signs are a white baked enamel finish. This finish is very durable. All colors on your sign are digitally printed onto the sign with durable long lasting UV inks. We do offer brushed silver as an alternative color option. We only recommend printing black or dark colors onto brushed silver. We also stock a mill finish (raw) aluminum sign in the .040 material only. There are many other color options that can be custom ordered in. These just take a few days longer & may cost a little extra.
Our aluminum composite material is a comparable product to dibond. Dibond is actually a brand name, where in order to save you money, we buy a house/ generic brand of the same material.
Aluminum actually does not rust. If you see rust on an aluminum sign, it is generally because the wrong hardware was used when installing the sign. We recommend using stainless steel screws, nuts, washers, and bolts when installing your sign outdoors.
While .040 material is a little less money than 3mm aluminum composite, we feel the benefits on aluminum composite make it the best value. For only a few dollars more you get a very beefy looking sign with nicely finished looking edges. It is more rigid and durable and less likely to bend or dent. So we feel 3mm aluminum composite is the best value for your money.
Aluminum signs do not bend easily, but bend they will if run into with force. .040 will bend the easiest, with 3mm aluminum composite the next most likely to bend. .080 is extremely strong & would take a really strong blow such as a truck backing into it to bend it. The absolutely strongest material would be our 5mm corrugated aluminum which has the same strength as ½” plywood.
The sun is not your friend with digitally printed aluminum signs. Reds tend to fade the quickest, but all colors will fade over time. The life of your sign will directly correlate with the amount of sun your sign is exposed to on a daily basis. Adding UV laminate will help add to the life of your inks. It also will help prevent scratching & protect your sign.
Please see our installation methods for a variety of options when installing your metal signs.
Yes, aluminum is a will known metal. For the most part it has replaced the older steel signs, that were very durable, but tended to rust when the painted finish was scratched. Aluminum is also a much lighter weight material than steel.
There are so many uses for aluminum signs, I am sure we will miss some, but here are a few: Bank signs Building signs Business signs Construction Signs Custom signs Directional signs Jobsite signs Metal yard signs Parking signs Pool rules Real estate signs Safety signs