Mahalo Speedy Signs

I was in a hurry to get a birthday banner for my daughter's Sweet 16 party but I didn't want to pay a lot of money for it. All the local vendors wanted to charge me close to $100! Speedy Signs produced a high quality, vinyl banner with her photo on it for less than $30. And I received it in less than a week! I was very impressed with their service, quality and prices. I have already recommended them to several friends and relatives. I would absolutely give them repeat business. Mahalo Speedy Signs!!!!

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- Julie Tam

The banner was AMAZING!!

The banner was AMAZING!!! We submitted a piece of artwork that was too low of resolution to use. Adriana /Speedy Sign created a banner that looked so similar and we couldn't have been happier with the result. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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- LeeAnn Stayer

Needs to be packaged better

The issue I have is the banner came wrinkled! Color, quality, design, speed, and ease of order were great. But when you order a banner to put out in public I don't want it wrinkled. I tried to iron it but it didn't work. I finally hung it with 20 pounds of weight to try and stretch out the wrinkles which worked ok but still frustrating to receive the banner in such wrinkled condition.

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- Jeff

Love the design tool

We have been using Speedy Signs for many years now to create window banners for our retail store. We love that we can upload images and design the banners right on the Speedy Signs web site.

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- Clarissa Parashar

EXCELLENT customer service

I was on a deadline for a sign (needed it in less than 48 hours). My initial plan was to order something 4 ft by 4 ft. I had a file to use that was that size...but then decided a 10 ft x 4 ft banner would be best! The logo and graphics would still be the same, but I needed the color to be a full bleed to the edges and my graphic designer was not available in the timeframe (2+ hours) that I had to get it ordered. At the suggestion of one of your customer service reps, I emailed the sales department with the file and my request for help. Literally, in 9 - NINE - minutes, someone had updated the file and sent me a link with the banner and the order so all I had to do was place the order. This was my first ordering from your company...and you definitely lived up to your name! Really, really appreciated the quick turnaround and help. EXCELLENT customer service...thank you!

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- Lisa



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- regina radomski

Easy Process

My daughter's travel stingray softball team needed a banner for their trip to the USSSA World Series. The whole process from designing to receiving the final product went smooth and quick. Unfortunately, the girls did so well I gave the banner to the coach for his hard work, so may have to order new one from you guys for next season.

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- Andy A

Overall a good experience

Aside from shipping to our office address instead of an alternate location that I specified during the order, the service was courteous, prompt, professional and the banners came through exactly as ordered. We have purchased from SpeedySigns numerous times over the years, and have always been very pleased with them.

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Quick & easy

Quick & easy. Quality was good. Will definitely order more banners for future events.

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- Yvette Ramirez

Excellent Customer Service

I have ordered several banners from over the years for sponsors at our school. They are priced right, they are quick, and the customer service department is awesome! They are very helpful when I have submitted a design that is not high resolution and I have to resubmit. In fact, I am placing another order today!

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- T. Richards

Great Product

Honestly, we've had banners printed from other companies for years. However, when we started working with Speedy Signs, we noticed that the banners are more crisp, nicer, and we get them back in a timely manner.

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- Cherry Parks

Good Company

The reason that I am ordering my signs and banners from the Speedy Signs company, is that they do good work in the designing of the sign and banner that you want to purchase. I love their work on the banners. I've worked at the Carnivals for over 50 years plus, and when I saw a lot of beautiful signs people had in front of their Concession booth, I wanted one similar. Speedy signs were great in bringing my vision to life. thank you, very much.

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- William Franks

Awesome Experience

My sales rep worked with me closely for three days making sure that I had the right banner and dimensions. I am already considering a couple of more purchases - just based on this experience.

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- Allan Robertson

Good website

Good website, easy to design my banner. The final banner was of excellent quality. The price was fair, too.

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- Greg Moon

Terrific Customer Service

Have not received the banner, but have to say it was a pleasure dealing with Danielle in ordering the banner. She was great! Professional, patient and did a wonderful job of setting up what I wanted and could not do on my iPad! If the quality of the product is as good as the customer service rep, I can promise I will use your services again if the need arises. Thank you!!

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- Marion D.

Banner came out great!

Was easy to submit online and loved how they verify everything before going to actual printing. Banner came out great!

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- Michelle N

Easy Ordering Process

The online ordering process and file upload was easy. Prices were competitive and product was delivered as ordered on time. Vinyl banners did give off definite fumes, but this was not a huge issue as they are for outside use.

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- R Hopkins

Great Customer Service

My banner needs are specific, and the customer service rep assisted us in making sure they were met. This included providing an alternate method of uploading our very large graphics file.

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- Dan Bollinger

Fast Turnaround

It came fast and the banner looks great!

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- Doug Chase

Speedysigns is the best!

I was in a major time crunch to get my sons birthday banner, Speedy signs were able to get it to me in 3 days!!

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- Komijen Mea

Popular Templates

Affordable Custom Banners for Any Occasion

Custom vinyl banners offer large size and full-color options that are extremely durable, lightweight, and easy to install both indoors and out. Whether your personalized banner is only expected to be used once, or you’re looking for signage that will endure a little more wear and tear, vinyl is an economical and durable option.

Banners are a versatile and cost-efficient way of conveying your message and promoting your business or event. Outdoors and indoors banners are both indispensable in advertising - they are cost-efficient and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. They help you promote your name in the market regardless of the business you are in.

Browse our gallery of professionally designed free banner templates for any personal or business events, customize them, or upload your own graphics to create your personalized banner signage in minutes.

Design your own oversized vinyl banners, mesh banners or pole pocket banners to promote your company’s services and logo. They are also handy for your upcoming business events, announcing grand openings or open house events. From retractable banners to hanging banners, there are many options you could choose from to make sure your name is seen at a convention, conference, trade show or other public events.

Choose one of the various design options or create your own banner with personalized graphics and color palette, using our custom banner design tool. We offer excellent quality banners at very affordable prices. Our accessories and add-ons will help you display your banner in minutes with no fuss. Start designing your custom banner today.

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Vinyl Banners
Mesh Banners


There are a few options available to customize your banner.  These can be selected in the check out process for the perfect banner for your event.

UV Laminate
Wind Slits
Pole Pocket
Double Sided Banner


When you create and print your custom banners, keep in mind where and how you would like to display your banner. . Where will the banner be located? Is it going to be transferred from place to place? Do you need an easy way to hang and then take down your banner? We offer a variety of items to save you time when hanging your banners.

Zip Ties
Suction Cups
Snap Hook
Bungee Cords


Banners are one of the easiest signage applications to install. Depending on their material, size, and type, banners have several installation options. Typically vinyl and mesh banners are equipped with grommet holes every two to four feet around the perimeter. Grommets are used to reinforce the holes that enable the banner to be hung on fence posts, walls, or on the side of buildings. Use cords, strings or bungees to attach the corner grommets, and in minutes your banner is up and ready to be viewed.  

Another option for your custom banner is to include pole pockets. Pole pockets are added on the edges of your banner sign.  This pocket allows a pipe or pole to be inserted through the top of the banner and helps the banner to hang straight and even.  This also allows the banner to be carried in a parade or other event. An additional pole pocket can be added to the bottom to add weight to the banner, which helps keep the bottom edge from flapping or moving.

Zip Tie
Hook & Eye TurnBuckle

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, yes, yes. In fact, both types of vinyl banners (solid and mesh) are a great option for outdoors advertisement and promotion. They are water, wind, heat and weather resistant, and outdoor friendly. Solid vinyl banners are made out of sturdy and durable vinyl, and mesh vinyl banners have perforations in the material that allows the wind to pass through, reducing the stress to grommets which prevent tears in the banner. Colors and graphics are also UV durable, but will slowly fade depending on the amount of sun or light they get on a regular basis.
Banners are very easy to install. Depending on their material, size and type, banners have several installation options. Most often they are equipped with grommet holes every several feet around the perimeter or at the corners. Grommets reinforce the holes that enable the banner to be hung on fence posts, walls, or on the side of buildings. Use rope, strings or bungees cords to attach the corner grommets, and your banner is up and ready. You can even hang them using a zip tie or a hook. Another option for your custom banner is to include a pole pocket. Pole pockets are sewn on the top and bottom of your banner sign. If you are attending a trade show and are looking for retractable banners that come with a stand and a carrying case, visit our retractable banner page for a quick solution for portable banners.
Banners are very durable and can last for a long time if you care and store them properly. If you plan to reuse your custom banner, take it down and clean it, before putting it in storage. The best and easiest way to clean it off, is to lay it flat and wipe it down it with warm soapy water and a soft, clean cloth. No cleaning solution is necessary but a little soap may be needed to cut any greasy road grime or residue. Don't use an abrasive sponge or harsh chemicals, as these will damage the ink printed on the banner. If you do need additional cleaning power, mix up a mild soap and water solution to use with your soft cloth. Make sure you use only mild detergents so that the colors of your banner don't fade. Regular cleaning will help keep your banner looking crisp for years to come. The best way to prolong the life of you banner will be to avoid sunlight and to take it down before major windstorms.
To easily store your banners, roll them up and keep them in a dry area at room temperature. We recommend that you roll them with the print side facing out. Do not fold them - this could cause peeling or difficult to remove creases. Avoid storing the banners in extremely hot or humid rooms or locations. Also, do not store anything on top of the banner to avoid creasing or wrinkling it while in storage. To easily remove the wrinkles from your banner storage time, simply place them in the hot sun for a few hours and the wrinkles and creases should come right out.
Our custom banners are available in different sizes and can be customized to your preferences. One side is limited to 16 feet or 192 inches. The other length can be up to 150 feet or 1800 inches. We are limited to 4 feet or 48 inches wide when adding a uv coating. The smallest banner is only limited by how small the image being printed can be sized.
Our custom banners are available in different sizes and can be customized to your preferences. One side is limited to 16 feet or 192 inches. The other length can be up to 150 feet or 1800 inches. We are limited to 4 feet or 48 inches wide when adding a uv coating. The smallest banner is only limited by how small the image being printed can be sized.
See our custom banner size chart to decide how big your signage needs to be for maximum impact: 96" X 48" VIEWABLE UP TO 300 FEET 72" X 36" VIEWABLE UP TO 150 FEET 48" X 24" VIEWABLE UP TO 50 FEET
The most common banner sizes are 2' x 4', 3' x 5', 3' x 6', 4' x 8’. See our custom banner size chart to decide how big your signage should be to make the most impact.
Before you decide on what banner type or material you need, consider how are you going to use the signage. Are you planning on outdoor use? Vinyl and mesh banners are our top performers when it comes to outdoor advertising signage options. They are weather and water resistant, so they would work great for any environment. Before ordering and printing your custom banner, take the time to plan out where and how are you going to hang it. On a fence post, wall, or on the side of buildings? Or do you need it to be freestanding and portable? Browse our banner types and framing options for outdoor banners. Pull up or roller banners are most often used to promote your stand in a big convention, at the local fair, or other public events. See other affordable options to advertise your business depending on your goals and needs.
Our custom banners are printed on best quality vinyl material. Its estimated lifespan is 1 to 2 years outdoors and indefinitely indoors. The durability of the material is what makes vinyl banners an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor applications. Your banner will not peel, crack, delaminate, or fade for a very long time, so you can reuse it over and over again. Do not forget to clean and store it properly for maximum lifespan. Our vinyl banners come with a 1-year guarantee that covers peeling, cracking, delamination, and fading. In our experience, though, Speedy Signs banners significantly outlast the guarantee, provided they are used and stored properly.
Vinyl banners are printed on Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as PVC. Our custom printed banners are made from 13-ounce vinyl, 100% polyester material. Mesh banners, too, are digitally printed on vinyl material crisscrossed fibers that allow air and sound to pass through. They are extremely durable, lightweight, and easy to install both indoors and out.
Our free banner templates are professionally designed for your personal or business events. They are available for you to customize, depending on your needs and preferences. You are welcome to use them as an inspiration source, and create a fully personalized and unique banner of your own design. Upload your own graphics to our design tool and get your signage customized for your specific use in minutes.
You can send us GIF, SVG, BMP, JPG, JPEG, and PNG files for your banner design and graphics. At, we know that the best-printed product begins with a high-resolution design file. One of the main issues with banner artwork is the size of the file. Unless you have a vector or line art file, the image will become pixelated as you enlarge it. Based on our years of printing experience and knowledge, we suggest using vector-based PDF files to ensure a high-quality print. There are many popular design programs that will have the ability to save, or export, your file to a PDF format. If you cannot save a file in the PDF format, another solution would be converting your text to outlines and save the design as an EPS file. We also accept several other high-resolution file formats. If you are unsure about what to do, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.
Our vinyl is approximately .013 mil. thick.
All of our banners are printed in full color. Printing in full or one color does not affect the cost of your banner. Additionally, the amount and design of text or images do not affect the price of your custom made banner.
Vinyl is a synthetic man-made material. It’s a type of plastic made from ethylene and chlorine that when combined form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is often shortened and referred to as vinyl. Our vinyl banners are printed on 13 oz heavy duty material, perfect for every occasion. It is extremely durable, versatile and weather resistant. Our mesh banners printed on 9 oz vinyl. They have all the benefits of solid vinyl banners. On top of that, they are a great choice if your banner will be used on windy days. The mesh material is perforated to allow wind to pass through. If you need to move around your banner a lot, hang it up and take it down often, keep in mind mesh banners are lighter as well.