Vinyl or Aluminum - Selecting the Right Type of Sign

When you are dealing with larger signs, you will typically have two different options for sign material, aluminum or Aluma-Lite signs or vinyl. There are different benefits from using these materials.

Aluminum or Aluma-Lite Signs

These signs come in many different sizes, are have a variety of different uses. They hold up well in many different kinds of weather, including high winds. If your business is located in an area that receives frequent high winds or powerful storms, this type of sign may be your only sensible solution.

For signs that will be used to advertise the name of a business, or for signs that are intended to be used for permanent solutions, these materials work very well.

Since these signs are of a more substantial material, they are typically more expensive than a vinyl banner. If cost is an issue, this is an important consideration. However, their initial cost is greatly offset by the years of use that you can get from these signs and their durability.

Signs made of aluminum or Aluma-Lite can be attached to posts, or permanently affixed to buildings, walls or roofs.

Vinyl Banners

Many companies prefer to use vinyl banners for their signage needs. These banners can be easily removed or changed when necessary and will still hold up to most weather changes.

A downside of a vinyl banners is the risks that you may face in high winds. Although the vinyl that is used is strong, extremely high winds can cause tearing. To counteract this, proper installation is recommended, or even the removal of the sign from the outdoors when high winds are imminent.

If your company is not in the same location all year round, or if you are looking for a quick, but temporary way to display the name of your business, a vinyl banner will work effectively.

For signs that are not intended to be displayed permanently, a vinyl banner is a cost effective alternative to more permanent materials. If you plan to use your sign to advertise an event, a sale or a grand opening, a vinyl banner will cost less and provide you with an attractive alternative to a higher priced sign.

While there are several important considerations to remember when selecting a material, the above points should assist you in determining which type of material is best for your sign.