Using Vinyl Lettering with Banners

When you decide to promote a specific product with a banner, you should not overlook the benefits of using vinyl lettering to further promote the item at your store. These two types of signs work very well with one another and can assist you in creating a campaign that will be effective at getting the attention of consumers and increase your sales.

This type of lettering is very useful for stores that have both foot and vehicle traffic. Most banners can be easily seen from the street, but may not be visible to people who are passing in front of your store on foot. This is particularly true if you are hanging a vinyl banner above the entrance to your store. By using vinyl lettering in your main window, you can be assured of attracting the attention of both kinds of traffic.

Vinyl lettering comes in many different colors and styles. When you are using a vinyl banner, it is a good idea to coordinate these colors to make sure that you are creating an overall "effect" with your advertising. Customers will automatically associate the text of the lettering with the color of the banner and pay attention.

In the event that the banner is not visible to people passing by on foot, you can use a different color or style to ensure that the lettering will attract attention. Gold or silver foil vinyl lettering is very eye-catching and will capture the light well.

You can also use your vinyl lettering to say what wouldn't fit on your banner. Banners only provide a set amount of space and they may get cluttered if you try to include too much information. By using vinyl lettering, you can continue the message of your banner and still create attractive and useful signs.

For example, if you are using a large banner to advertise a sale in your store, you can use the vinyl letters to display more information on what is for sale. This will also allow you to get more use out of your vinyl banners by making them less specific. You can advertise that all housewares are on sale for 25% off with the large banner, and then give the product specific information with the vinyl lettering.

Vinyl lettering can also be used in displays as a way of directing the customer to the item that is on sale. In this case, the vinyl banner would be displayed outside of the business location and then the vinyl lettering would be used over the display of that item. This is a great economically feasible way to get more out of your signs.

This type of lettering can be displayed in a window as mentioned above, or on many different surfaces. You can even use a temporary board or backed paper to display the lettering in a pinch. This will also allow you to reuse the lettering again, instead of having to scrape it off of the window when the sale is complete.

There are many different ways to get the most out of your signs, but vinyl lettering is probably the easiest and most cost effective method of displaying product information and continuing the message of a larger banner.