Picking a Way To Display Your Banner

Typically, you will have two different options for the display of your banner, if you need to keep it portable. We'll go into different installation techniques and advice for selecting the perfect place to display your new banner.

If you prefer a permanent installation for your banner, there are still quite a few options. This method of installation works best when you consistently play at the same venue or if you only appear in one location.

When you install a banner permanently, you will need to have a solid surface for the banner to hang upon. You will need a drill with either a masonry or wood bit, depending on the surface. You can drill holes in the wall and then attach your banner by running screws through the grommets that can be found at the top of the sign. This method will require proper measurement to make sure that your banner lines up perfectly.

Moving on to our hints for temporary installations, you'll find that you have more options. If you have a small banner, a simple frame is a very easy way to display it. This frame should have a solid base that is weighted at the bottom. Sand is typically used inside this type of frame to lessen the chances of it tipping over.

The frame itself will allow you to insert the banner, pulling it taut on all four corners. You may even be able to find a large frame if you have a typical wide banner. This stand may need to be dismantled after each use for portability.

If you plan on hanging a large banner, you will need to make sure that the location you have selected for your banner can support it. Two brackets are necessary, and they should be far enough apart to prevent any sagging in the middle of your banner. These brackets will be used to secure the rope that will run through the grommets at the top of your banner.

Make sure to leave an equal amount of rope on either side of your banner to ensure that it will hang evenly. If you are installing the banner for the first time, make sure to leave extra rope on either end so that you can cut it to match if necessary. The next time you install your banner, you'll have the perfect length of rope already cut.

This method can also work well for smaller banners. You can even use portable poles with weighted stands if you need to hang a smaller banner. These poles can be easily dismantled and moved to a new location when you are done. Again, you'll need sturdy brackets attached to these poles and the correct length of rope.

No matter how you decide to display your banner, it is important to take good care of it. Our banners are made of superior vinyl fabric, but high winds can damage any banner. Always make sure to take your banners inside if a storm or high winds are forecasted. This can greatly increase the overall life-span of your banner.