Displaying Your Banner Effectively

After you have selected the product that you intend to promote with your new banner, you will need to decide where you will display your creation. This installation location will depend on many different factors, as we will outline below.

Outdoor Installation

This type of installation works well for a small store that is located in a business district or a strip mall. The banner will be seen by everyone walking by, instead of just the people who enter your store. If used effectively, this is a great way to attract new customers to your store.

If you are using a small banner, you will need a display stand that can located right in front of your location. This stand should resist tipping and be sturdy enough to withstand pedestrian traffic.

If you are using a large banner, it can be tied in front of your main window, or hung on the roof. This method requires a rope or a cord for the banner and sturdy brackets. Make sure to use enough rope or cord and keep in mind that a center support may be necessary to keep your banner from sagging.

Indoor installation

If you plan to use your sign indoors, there are many different locations where you can place your banner. Placing it right by the front entrance will alert customers to this item and get them interested in the product, even if it is not something they necessarily need.

Your sign will be the first thing these new customers see and this is a very useful promotional tool. Make sure the sign is eye catching to attract and hold customer interest.

When you are using a sign indoors, you may need to purchase more than one. This will allow you to display the same sign in several different locations, to maximize its effectiveness.

For example, you could place one of the signs at the front entrance, and another near the display of the product that is being advertised. This helps the customer make a visual record of the sign when they enter and will trigger it when they see it again. This works well as a gentle reminder for your customers.

You can also place a third sign near the checkout area to take advantage of impulse sales. This will remind the customer that they didn't pick up the product their first time around the story and may convince them to make the leap to purchase it before they leave.

No matter which installation method you select, the proper placement of a banner can mean the difference between slow sales, or a product flying out the doors.