Where to Install Your New School Banner

The location you select to display your banner will most likely depend on the message it contains. There are many different uses for school banners, and each use may require a unique placement. Here are few installation examples for several different kinds of banners.

Back to School Banners - This type of banner will normally contain a welcoming message, or directional information. It should be hung outdoors, in front of the school entrance, where it can be easily seen. It can either be hung on the roof over the entrance, or on the side of the school.

This means that you will need to install special brackets for the banner in your building. These brackets will need to be installed using a drill with a proper bit for the surface of your building or roof. You will also need a length of rope or cord that will go through the grommets of the banner to attach it to your brackets.

Since this banner will be outside, make sure that you purchase a quality vinyl banner. It will need to stand up to sun, wind and rain and not fade. If you plan to reuse this type of banner, purchasing one made of quality material will ensure years of use.

School Play Announcements - If your school has an upcoming play, a temporary installation is recommended. The banner can first be displayed in the lunch room or hall of your school to remind students of the date. Once the big day arrives, it can then be moved outside of the auditorium or wherever the play will be held. It can then serve as a directional sign for this event. Again, hanging the banner with brackets as mentioned above is recommended for this type of installation.

Smaller Informational Banners - Small banners can be used to promote upcoming events, or to display pertinent information such as lunch times, library rules and much more. These banners can either be hung or displayed in a stand.

A banner stand should have a weighted base and a frame that will enclose your sign. This type of installation works well if you need to keep the sign in one location, or if you need to move it occasionally. It is a semi-permanent solution that can still be easily moved.

Championship Banners - These banners can easily be displayed in front of a trophy case or in your school's gym. If you have indoor sporting events at your school, then the gym is the perfect location. The other teams will be able to see your message clearly.

A hanging installation is recommended for this type of banner. The way you hang it may be based on the architecture of your school. If you have rafters in the gym, the banner can easily be suspended from these rafters with rope or cord. If you have an enclosed space, the wall will also work well by utilizing brackets and rope as mentioned above. If your wall space is limited, a large banner stand that is placed out of the way of players will also work for this type of banner.