Picking the Right Spot and the Right Method of Installation

Once you have designed a banner for your movie theater or store, you will need to decide where you will display it. There are many different options that will be available to you, but they will be somewhat dependent on your location. Here are a few installation ideas and methods that you can implement at your business.

Street Pole Banners - Small banners work very well on street poles and can start getting a customer's attention before they are in front of your store. You can use this type of banner in a "bread crumb" method of marketing. Each of these banners will lead the customer to your store, where a supporting banner is located. This is very useful for advertising a large sale, or announcing a grand opening.

You may need to check with your local city officials to get permission to hang banners on public street poles. Most officials will be willing to work with you on this.

Large Banners - This type of banner will need to be hung, either in the front window of your business or on the roof in front of the entrance. You will need to make sure that you will have a surface that can hold the banner's supports to ensure that your customers will not be in any danger from a falling banner.

Typically, a rope or cord is run through the grommets of this type of banner and it is hung using brackets on either side. You will need to drill holes in the surface for these brackets and it is important to make sure that the surface and the brackets are strong enough to support the weight of the banner.

If you are hanging a large banner in your window, you can usually attach your brackets on the flanking walls. Just make sure that the banner is small enough to fit in the window and that all portions of the banner can be seen from outside.

Small Banners - These banners work well for a temporary or portable installation. They allow you to remove them and store them safely during non-business hours. You can hang a small banner just like you would a large banner, or you can purchase a banner stand that will serve as a frame for the vinyl fabric.

The banner stand can then be located directly outside the entrance to your business. This method works well to generate interest from people walking past your location. Remember to keep the banner stand out of the way of pedestrian traffic, to avoid any accidents.

These banners will also work for an indoor installation, if you need to call attention to a certain area or item inside. Since they are portable, you will be able to move this stand around the inside of your business until you find the right spot for the most effective placement. These signs work well as informational signs, particularly if you need to direct people to specific areas inside your business, or if you need to advertise a product that is not very visible.