Installation Tips for Church Banners

The method you select for your banner installation will be dependent on where you intend to display your creation. Here are a few tips on how to install your banner in a number of different locations.

1. A Large Banner Outside the Church Entrance. This type of installation will require either a temporary installation using cords and brackets, or a permanent installation, requiring screws, and a strong surface. You will need to consider how long you plan to display your banner outside before you select the proper installation method. If it will be up for a short time, a temporary installation will work quite well. Otherwise, you may need to firmly attach the banner to your church's wall or roof using the permanent method of installation.

The temporary method will require a long rope or a cord, and two poles with brackets. If you do not have any poles, you can use two walls, as long as the span across is wide enough for your banner. The cord or rope should be threaded through the grommets of the banner and attached on either side to the brackets. Make sure you pull the cord taut to avoid any sagging.

If you plan on attaching the banner to a solid surface, you will need to have a drill equipped with a proper bit. The type of bit you will need will depend on the surface. If it is stone, or brick, a masonry bit will be necessary. Otherwise, a simple wood bit will suffice. You will need to drill holes in your surface to match the grommets on your banner. Take care to measure well, to avoid having to re-drill. Once you have your holes in place, you can place a washer next to the wall, and then use a screw through the grommets of the banner.

2. A small banner outside of the church. This type of banner can easily be displayed in a banner stand. These stands have a weighted bottom to avoid tipping over. The frame area will allow you to insert your banner for display.

You can also tie a smaller banner up outside or attach it permanently as described above.

3. A large banner inside the church. You can use the temporary installation suggestions above for this type of location. If you do decide to use poles indoors, make sure that you purchase a weighted base for them to avoid having your sign tip over.

If you do not have access to poles, temporary brackets can be used on the walls inside your church. The ropes for the banner will then be attached to these brackets. Make sure that the brackets are rated correctly for the weight of the banner to avoid having any problems with the wall.

It is a good idea to drill the stud in the wall for these brackets, as drywall may not be enough support your banner.