Everyday Uses for Restaurant Banners

A restaurant has many different uses for banners. Whether they want to showcase a new product, or promote a special, a banner is an effective way to get the message across. Here are just a few of the everyday uses for banners in a restaurant, both large and small.

Small Banners

These banners can be displayed using banner stands either outside the restaurant, or indoors after the entrance. If necessary, they can also be hung in the window or outside the location, just like a large banner.

New products. This size of banner works well to provide a showcase for a new product. A full color picture can be nicely displayed in the center of the banner and will serve as a focal point. Since the area is smaller, the viewer's attention is immediately drawn to the center of the banner. Supporting text can be added above or below the picture to inform customers about the new product.

Informational Signs. If you require that customers wait to be seated, or if you have special rules or regulations for your restaurant, a small banner can serve this purpose as well. You'll have the benefit of a lasting sign that can easily be moved around if necessary. If your restaurant is using paper signs for this type of message, a vinyl banner can give a better impression.

Specials. Many restaurants run specific sales each month on certain dishes. Using a small banner is a great way to call attention to these dishes. A banner should be placed either outside the door of the restaurant, or where a customer will see it when they first enter. Supporting materials in the menu can be used to further reinforce this message.

Large Banners

This type of banner can be used inside, but is most commonly utilized outside. They are normally hung using ropes and brackets, or permanently installed using screws and washers. If you have a large message that you need to get across, this type of banner will work very well.

Announcements. If you have a new location, or a special sale going on, a large banner can get this message across quickly. It can serve as an attention getter to the public, whether they are walking or driving by. These banners should be brightly colored and installed in a location where they will receive the most notice.

Specials. If you have several items on special, instead of using several small banners, you can use one large banner for this purpose. Smaller pictures of the special items can be placed at various spots on a large banner and the supporting special message can go in the center. These banners can be hung indoors, if you have enough space, or outside where everyone will be able to see them.